How to form the correct posture

How to form the correct posture

Correct posture and light step – sign of the successful and self-assured person. Formation of the correct posture begins with the childhood. If the child is inactive and will often stoop, then at him scoliosis, cervical lordoz and chest kifoz can develop. It is possible to create the correct posture by means of physical exercises and constant self-checking.


1. To understand what has to be the correct posture, get up about the wall. Drive into the corner the head, shoulders, buttocks and shins. Take away shoulders a little back and down. Straighten the breast. Tuck the stomach in. Direct the tailbone down. Slightly raise the chin up. Remember the postural pose and depart from the wall. Try to keep the received postural pose. You resemble within 2-3 minutes about the room, keeping the correct posture. For achievement of bigger effect put the book on the head. Every time when you deviate the necessary postural pose, the book will slide off.

2. Approach the wall and nestle on it, as in the first exercise. Several times sit down and become straight. Keep the back of the straight line and driven into the corner. Then raise hands forward, part in the parties, extend up and lower down. Don't tear off the shovel and the buttock from the wall. Repeat exercise several times.

3. One of bearing causes of infringement – the weak muscular corset. Exercises for the prelum abdominale and the back will help you to strengthen the muscular corset and to create the correct posture. Lay down on the back, bend legs in knees. Hands behind the head, elbows are divorced in the parties. Carry out raising of the trunk up on the exhalation. On the breath – return to nominative. Repeat 16-32 times.

4. Nominative – lying on the back, straight legs. Raise the right leg up and smoothly lower. Repeat the left leg. Make till 8-16 rises each leg. Then at the same time raise both legs and slowly lower. Execute not less than 8 repetitions.

5. Lay down on the stomach. Extend hands forward. Raise the right leg and the left hand up, be late for 2-3 seconds and lower. Raise the left leg and the right hand up. Alternate raises of leg and hands till 16-32 time. Perform the same exercise with simultaneous raise of leg and hands up. Try to fall down smoothly, silently.

6. In conclusion of the training stretch. It will help to remove muscular stress. Get up, legs shoulder width apart. Bend down to contact with floor hands. Try to relax in the provision of bending. Postoyte so 2-3 minutes, are weakened rock up-down and here and there. Smoothly become straight. Approach the wall and once again receive the correct posture. Control the bearing during the day.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team