How to fulfill kicks by legs

How to fulfill kicks by legs

Setting of the basic equipment in martial arts – guarantee of naturalness of movements in the real fight. To fulfill kicks by legs, expensive equipment won't be required. Only your desire and will power will be required.


1. It is the best of all to be engaged houses in special or in old raznoshenny footwear. At working off of kicks by legs it is possible to use habitual apparatuses or to manage improvised materials and objects. So, instead of "pear"? it is possible to use the usual plastic bag filled by rags, and the obstacle which will help to fulfill kick accuracy the chair will serve.

2. The empty package can be used at working off of difficult kicks. Throw the package in air and by means of various kicks prevent its falling, beating away it, but so that it didn't concern the earth. So, by the way, it is possible to fulfill techniques of kicks not only by legs, but also hands.

3. Put the usual chair in the middle of the training room and work kicks, without forgetting that: - kick it is necessary to begin with raising of the knee; - after striking a blow it is impossible to put sharply the leg on the earth; - after striking a blow it is necessary to bend a little at first the leg in the knee and only then to lower it.

4. Perform similar exercises and at "the Swedish wall". Besides, occupations at "the Swedish wall" will create at you and additional ability – ability to vary levels of kicks. Execute several kicks in space between various bars of this apparatus at various speed. If it is still difficult to you, do this exercise at first at slow rate, and then gradually increase performance speed. Height of kick can increase also gradually, depending on the level of your fitness.

5. Near "the Swedish wall" it is possible to fulfill also circular kicks. Get up a little sideways from the wall and also, from level to level? work technology of circular kicks including the lowermost.

6. Don't make possible mistakes at trainings. You remember: - not to lose balance, it is always necessary to bend a little the pivot foot in the knee; - it isn't necessary to transfer body weight to the heel; - it is necessary to watch hands: they shouldn't stay idle; - it is possible to alternate exercises on working off of kicks only to speed exercises, but not to power.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team