How to fulfill reaction

How to fulfill reaction

In ancient times the fastest, dexterous people survived. Today everything changed. Order on streets is kept by police, behind the game we go to shop. It would seem, fast reaction is necessary now only to athletes: to boxers, athletes, swimmers and others. But happens that you appear not in due time and not in the right place when there are no defenders of law and order nearby, but there are hooligans. And to survive, it is necessary to win fight. For this purpose it is necessary to learn correctly and to react quickly to actions of the opponent.


1. Begin occupations with the training of reaction to hearing. For this purpose at first interrupt visual communication between the source and trained. You have to foresee emergence of the sound on actions of the mentor. It is possible to make the sound behind the back. For example: the coach, sitting behind you, sharply strikes with the ruler the table. You have to make return slap shot. At the training on safety work the procedure of the vykhvatyvaniye of weapon from hands of the opponent on the signal.

2. The touch training - working off of reaction to touch. For a start put on the bandage eyes. The partner has to be behind you. When he touches by the hand of your shoulder, sharply sit down, jump forward or aside, turn and receive the fighting stance.

3. Sight training. One of methods of development of visual reaction - the game in pat-a-cake. Sit down facing the coach and you hold hands before yourself. The leader has to cover with the palm yours, and you - to draw aside it in time. One more of exercises on development of visual reaction - the game ""stone-scissors-paper"". You have to win against the opponent, having thrown out fingers in the victorious figure the moment later after its option.

4. Tenacity training. Catch the tennis ball and throw in the wall when it rebounds - you catch it. Throw the ball into the wall and together with the workmate. You throw - it catches, then it is almost impossible to foresee flight of the ball, so and the efficiency of trainings will increase.

5. Now you will be able to put the fulfilled skills into practice. For this purpose the sparring on the ring or the tatami will approach. Let's say your natural reaction to the direct strike the leg in the stomach - to depart and lower the elbow. But you depart in situation from which it is convenient to move forward. Have to move only legs and the stomach back, displace the center of gravity forward, and bend legs and the case a little - contract in the spring. The elbow mark the trunk and hips, then you leave sideways. Your purpose is to appear behind the back of the opponent. When it occurs, hit him with the palm basis on the nape. Here also counterreception from harmless protective reaction turned out.

6. To other methods of self-defense you will be taught in any section of single combats. And it easily will turn out, you already possess inhuman reaction.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team