How to gain the weight or muscle bulk

How to gain the weight or muscle bulk

To gain weight, to increase muscle bulk, having got the seductive relief not so difficult if to approach this question in a complex. And, by the way, without harm for health.

It is required to you

  • - subscription in fitness club;
  • - calorie chart of products.


1. Eat DietaPravilno. Eat 4-5 times a day, giving preference to high-energy products. To build up muscle bulk, your diet has to exceed your usual diet on 500-1000 kcal a day that makes 3-3500 kilocalories. You watch that at your diet there were representatives of different groups of products. Use high-calorific mixes with the increased cellulose content for the fast set of weight. Eat to satiety, but don't abuse "junk food" – otherwise together with weight you risk to get gastrointestinal diseases, the liver and other troubles.

2. SportChtoba the abundance of the received calories wasn't postponed in fat, and turned into beautiful muscles – go to the gym hall. Be engaged 3-4 times a week on one or one and a half hours, giving preference to power loadings.

3. Sonvysypaytes. The stress doesn't promote the set of weight. Besides, in the dream the organism develops somatropin, called also growth hormone. Without it the set of muscle bulk would become impossible.

4. Harmful to the privychkibrosta to smoke – smoking reduces appetite and the metabolism upsets. Stop using the coffee, alcohol and other stimulators operating on nervous system excitingly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team