How to gain weight in legs

How to gain weight in legs

Those who wants to receive the athletic figure should work hard over themselves. The set of muscle bulk demands long trainings regardless of which the part of the body wants to be developed. Muscles of legs need the separate set of exercises which is rather simple for mastering.

It is required to you

  • - Dumbbells or post.


1. To bring legs into the form, work with weighting will be required. The simplest exercise which it is possible to carry out even houses is squats. For this purpose bend legs in knees and fall down so that hips were parallel to the floor. Deeper squats don't need to be done as it is possible to injure knee joints. In this exercise the weighting is served by own body weight. For achievement of results it is necessary to do not less than three approaches on 15 repetitions in everyone.

2. Lunges become serially on each leg. Take one leg the step forward and bend it in the knee, having practically concerned it the floor then return to the home position. After perform this exercise of 15 times, change the working leg and lunge on the second. After short-term rest make two more cycles of exercises on each leg.

3. The mass of legs is also gained when performing squats on one leg. As exercise rather heavy, carry out it, adhering to the hand for the support. Squat and rise smoothly. Without preliminary preparation it is difficult to make more than two or three squats on each leg, but with experience arrival the number of approaches and effectiveness of exercise increases.

4. In gym it is possible to develop legs by means of special exercise machines. It is the leg press from the back-lying position and also relief study of muscles of the front, side, back and internal surface of hips.

5. It is more effective to perform any exercises for muscles of legs, having picked up dumbbells or using the post. The weight of weighting depends on the level of physical training, but it doesn't make to take the dumbbell less than 5 kilograms of sense. In fitness for squats the special bodibara representing the facilitated signature stamps and pancakes whereas for occupation body building more serious undertake weight are used.

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