How to gather in the excess stomach and sides

How to gather in the excess stomach and sides

If you wish to look and be perfectly in good shape, then you should keep the figure and weight. It is useful also for health. There is the set of techniques of fight against excess weight. The most optimum and useful to health are the ways combining several methods. The sports activities and the diet which are looking after cream, the bath and massage - all this will help you to get desired forms in short terms.

It is required to you

  • - diet;
  • - special set of exercises;
  • - the means controlling weight;
  • - visit of the bath, sauna;
  • - massage.


1. Replace the breakfast and the dinner with special cocktail for correction of weight. It contain specially balanced complex of all substances and vitamins, necessary for the organism. In the morning you receive the charge of energy and won't feel hungry up to the lunch. It is possible to buy such products in drugstores or shops of sports food. And also at some companies (network marketing). For today there was the set of special medicines for correction of weight. Some of them interfere with emergence of feeling of hunger, the second accelerate and increase exchange processes, and the third bring slags out of the organism. Complete the course from cocktail for correction of the weight and medicine reducing feeling of hunger. Also limit the arriving calories (fat, flour and sweet). Try to eat food in the small portions and at least 5 times in the day. Also try not to eat after 18 hours. Make green tea, it promotes removal of excess liquid from the organism and lowers appetite.

2. Combine the diet with exercise stresses. As the pendulous belly turns out because of weak muscles of the prelum abdominale, and begin work on the beautiful figure with their strengthening. Perform exercises for strengthening lower department of the press. They are carried out by means of footwork at the motionless trunk. This serial leg lifting, the bicycle, reduction of legs to the stomach, prescription of the eights in air. Strengthen the upper muscles of the press the movements of the trunk at motionless legs (turns and bendings). Perform exercises on cross loading for strengthening of sidewalls (simultaneous involvement of legs and the trunk).

3. Get the fitball. The excellent assistant in fight for the beautiful body. The good choice for occupations in house conditions. He takes a lot of place as there is the opportunity to blow off it. As the ball is unstable, it creates the certain loading for all groups of muscles, especially for the press. Consider that the more densely the fitball is beefy, the more difficult on it to be engaged also in that the efficiency of trainings more. The variety of exercises will turn occupations into useful and most fascinating pastime.

4. Visit the bath or the sauna. Use of special gels and creams after the sauna will help you to achieve the most optimum result. Combine visit of the bath with massage. The special anti-cellulite course of massage will help to get rid of the orange-peel and to get the desirable form.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team