How to gather in "the lower stomach"

How to gather in "the lower stomach"

Even thin girls have the tummy. Weak muscles of the lower press drive the most firm women to despair. You shouldn't lament concerning the drooped stomach – begin to work on yourself already today.


1. If at you is the weak press, the lower stomach to gather in very difficult. Begin to train this area indirectly, choosing exercises it is simpler. And when muscles will a little get stronger, will pass to more difficult complex.

2. Standing directly, legs together, transfer weight of the body to one foot. Bend with the direct back a little forward so that the palm touched the middle of caviar. Stand in this situation for 5 seconds, muscles of the press are strained. Repetition – 12 times.

3. Remaining in the home position, tear off one leg from the floor. You hold the bearing, put hands on the waist. Slowly squatting on one leg, pull the second knee to the stomach. Make 12 repetitions on each leg. To gather in the stomach from below, it is very important not to transfer load of legs, and to tighten the knee by means of tension of belly muscles. For this purpose it is necessary to push the basin forward.

4. Stand in the former position, leaning on one leg. Bend the second leg in the knee and by reduction of muscles of the press tighten to the breast. Throughout the poluminuta make hands swings, as in exercise "mill". It isn't obligatory to hurry – the main thing, to keep balance. For this purpose it is possible to bend a little forward.

5. Having put legs shoulder width apart, strain muscles of the lower press and extend the backbone up. Sit down in the plie so that legs were bent at right angle. Now bend the back parallel to the floor and get the heel of the left leg finger-tips of the right hand. Serially changing hands, make exercise for the minute.

6. Receive the initial position – straight legs, hands on hips, edges are a little lowered to the basin. Fluent movement transfer weight of the body to the right leg, and left with the sock tense on itself and the direct knee take aside at an angle 45 islands. The easy jump change legs. Make fluctuations for two minutes.

7. From the initial position receive the provision of the half-squat, extend hands before yourself. On the breath jump out, having grouped muscles and straining the lower stomach. Legs at the same time have to remain at the same distance, as well as in the start of exercises. In the people this exercise is called "frog". Execute at least 10 times without respite.

8. Having arranged legs shoulder width apart, put the left hand on the hip. Take away the left leg back so that it formed from right the corner of 45 lakes. The right hand stretch up. Now pull the knee of the left leg to the right elbow. Try to keep balance. Repeat movements of 30 times at fast pace. Change legs.

9. Making daily trainings, don't forget about the balanced food. Use more fresh vegetables, cereals and fermented milk products. Only the integrated approach is capable to help to gather in the stomach from below.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team