How to gather in the pot-belly

How to gather in the pot-belly

Desire to have the flat and beautiful stomach quite executable. There are various methods of achievement of this purpose, but sports activities will be the most productive in fight for beauty of the body. By means of what exercise stresses it is possible to improve the figure?


1. To gather in the pot-belly, it is necessary to apply serious exercise stresses. Performing daily stomach exercises, at the same time regularly adding loading, the stomach can remain flabby and ugly. All this occurs because already rolled press is hidden under fatty tissue. After the serious exercise stress when all body burns, the area of the stomach can remain slightly cool as fat in the stomach and hips is practically not supplied with blood, so, to it the oxygen necessary for combustion of fat doesn't arrive.

2. That the stomach became flat, it is necessary: to swing and support in the stomach muscle tone, to reduce thickness of the fat layer on the stomach. For the prelum abdominale perform at least on 25 times the following exercises: It is necessary to lay down on the floor on the back, to bend legs and to tear off the foot from the floor, to take away hands for the head, muscles of the stomach have to be in tension. Tearing off shovels from the floor, raise the case up and exhale the mouth, and then come back to the initial position, taking the breath through the nose.

3. In the back-lying position, raise and bend legs in knees at right angle so that shins became parallel to the floor. You hold hands behind the head. Now it is necessary to extend legs forward so that they didn't touch the floor, and to return back.

4. Having received situation from the previous exercise, lift the case, twisting it and reaching elbows to opposite knees. For bigger effect at the end of each exercise fix the body for several seconds at the time of the exhalation and the maximum muscle tension. Don't forget to breathe correctly that blood circulation didn't slow down, and it was possible to gather in the pot-belly quicker.

5. For reduction of fatty tissue follow the following recommendations: Choose the most pleasant to you active occupation which will regularly help to burn fat, for example, driving the bicycle, run, aerobics or dances.

6. Do daily rubdowns, stimulating blood circulation. For this purpose the rough bast or the towel rub off area of the stomach, at first having moistened it in hot water, and then in cold.

7. Taking the shower, massage the body the water jet to improve blood circulation and to intensify removal of slags. After all procedures massage movements apply anti-cellulite cream to skin.

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