How to gather in the stomach after the delivery exercises

How to gather in the stomach after the delivery exercises

After the child's birth before the woman there is the problem of restoration of the former figure. It is usually more difficult to make the stomach of everything flat. To achieve the objective, it is necessary to give daily about 30 - 40 minutes to sports activities.


1. For disposal of the stomach surely perform exercises on side muscles. Very often women forget about them and try to swing only the top press. Get up, you hold hands opposite to the breast, part feet widely. At the breath turn all case to the right, at the same time try not to displace hips. With the exhalation be developed in initial situation. On the breath execute turn of the upper body to the left. Perform exercise for 2 minutes, try to do each movement very slowly.

2. Lower hands on the waist. With the exhalation cross the basin forward, at the same time you will feel how all groups of muscles of the stomach strained. Translate the basin to the right, at the same time side muscles will be reduced on the right. Cross buttocks as much as possible back, and then direct the basin to the left. Repeat this exercise 30 times.

3. Lay down on the floor, extend legs up, you hold hands along the body. Make the exhalation and reach for hands forward, rising over the floor the upper body. On the breath weaken the case and fall the back completely by the floor surface. Repeat exercise not less than 25 times. Then lower legs, have a rest the couple of minutes. Return to former situation, take away hands for the head, part elbows in the parties. Exhale, raise the upper body over the floor and stretch the left elbow to the right hip. On the breath touch by the back the floor. With the exhalation direct the right elbow to the left hip. Fall by the floor after 20 repetitions in each option.

4. You lie on the back, hold legs lifted up. With the exhalation bend the left knee, attract it to the stomach, undertake palms the shin, raise the case up. On the breath slowly lower the back on the floor, unbend the left leg. On the exhalation attract to yourself the right knee, again lift the case. Perform exercise 15 – 25 times each leg. If during raising of the case at you the neck strongly strains, do small respites between repetitions.

5. Extend legs on the floor, you hold hands along the body. On the exhalation bend both knees, bring closer hips to yourself, reach for hands forward and lift the case a little. At the breath return completely on the floor. Perform exercise about 20 times.

6. Sit down, bend legs in knees, allocate the building a little back. With the exhalation lift the right foot over the floor, tighten the knee to yourself. At the same time turn the case to the right and the left elbow touch the right knee. With the breath lower foot, return the case to former situation. Perform exercise in other party. Make 18 - 20 repetitions.

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