How to gather in the stomach in house conditions

How to gather in the stomach in house conditions

There is the opinion that people with big fat deposits on the stomach can be helped by only dear nutritionists, instructors of fashionable fitness clubs, and as a last resort – plastic surgeons. However it is possible to gather in the stomach and in house conditions. But for this purpose it will require to become the exacting coach, the uncompromising nutritionist and even the talented massage therapist.

Exercise stresses

Fat in the stomach and sides is formed for various reasons. There is the genetic predisposition to formation of big deposits in the stomach, however most often the low physical activity is the reason of emergence of the tummy.

To keep the muscular framework of the abdominal cavity in the tone at least three times a week half an hour are necessary to give to walking, swimming or cycling. Such loading will allow to put at the same time in order muscles and to increase process of combustion of fat in the problem zone.

Gradually it is possible to enter such power exercises to which, raising of the case from the prone position by the way, belongs into the mode (known as swing of the press). But it is necessary to remember that it is impossible to reduce all physical activity only to this exercise as finally it can lead only to increase in volumes of the stomach due to strengthening of muscles.

The gym roller, fitball or hoop can be home exercise machines. They occupy the place minimum, but by efficiency aren't inferior to the subscription in gym. At the same time, the gym roller – very serious tool with which it is necessary to be able to work correctly. During vykat it is important to hold the backbone directly and not to bend it to return to the home position. If your back is insufficiently strengthened for this exercise, it is better to refuse the gym roller in favor of other tools.

Food allowance

Natural loss of the undesirable sentimentality in the stomach is promoted by correction of the food allowance. It is necessary to exclude flour products, meat semi-finished products (sausages, pork sausages, sausage, bacon) from the daily menu, fried, fermented milk products with the high content of fat and also nuts. From drinks under a ban all sweet aerated juice.

The basis of the diet has to consist of the dishes steamed or welded. Preparation of dishes on the grill is allowed.

It is necessary to remember that fat in the stomach even by means of the diet leaves hardly. Therefore, it is the best of all to know precisely the number of calories by which it is necessary to reduce the daily menu. For this purpose it is possible to use any calculator of calories on the Internet. The extreme volume of calories which is admissible to consumption in day is calculated on the basis of data on growth, weight and age. It is necessary to remove 300-500 calories from this value. Observing this barrier, weekly loss of weight will reach 0.4-0.5 kg.

Other procedures

Simple and pleasant procedures which can be conducted independently will allow to accelerate effect of the exercise stress and diet:

- rasparivaniye in the bathroom or in the bath;

- self-massage.

Rasparivaniye of the problem zone promotes natural burning of fat cages. If to carry out the procedure in the bathroom, then it is necessary to pour hot water in the basin and to impregnate in it the terry towel. It should be wrung out and wound carefully around the waist. It is the best of all to carry out this procedure after washing that air temperature was indoors higher than room. So the heat of the compress will remain longer.

In the bath instead of the towel the broom is used and after the maximum rasparivaniye it processes problem parts of the body. On the end of such procedure anti-cellulite cream is applied on area of the stomach and sides.

One more procedure available to house application – self-massage. It needs to be seen off with use of massage oil or any soft cream. Problem sites are massed by the stroking and plucked movements. It is necessary to remember that movements shouldn't be strong at all – it can break work of internals. Skin in this area can't be stretched because it can provoke formation of extensions. Optimum time for self-massage – from 15 to 45 minutes.

New habits

To keep effect and also to accelerate its approach some more habits of "flat stomach" will allow. If to impart them, then the question of how to gather in the stomach will disappear by itself.

The first habit – to cease to stoop. The hunched position of the backbone provokes flabbiness of belly muscles. In turn, the straight line of the backbone forces us to strain the stomach automatically.

The second habit – it is constant to tuck the stomach in. Only at first sight it seems impossible. Stomach suction forces us to strain muscles which gradually get used to this state. Maintenance of the tone of the framework of the abdominal cavity is so provided.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team