How to gather in the stomach without press

How to gather in the stomach without press

The tightened body, slender waist, flat stomach – the dream of any girl. The sides which are sticking out from jeans and the stomach don't paint even in general attractive women. Men don't lag behind too in the aspiration to look harmoniously, wishing to get rid of the beer stomach as soon as possible. Experts assure that the local zhiroszhiganiye difficult, almost impossible process. And if you already well lost weight, but the stomach remained on the place, it is worth taking complex measures for finding of desired forms.

First of all, visit the competent endocrinologist. Foul of the hormonal background - one of the main reasons preventing to lose weight. Hormones of the thyroid gland, thyroxine and triyodotironin, regulate all exchange processes in the organism. At the healthy person they are responsible for fast transformation of the arriving food into energy. If the level of thyroxine is lowered, the organism doesn't cope and accumulates energy in the form of fat deposits. The raised prolactin, the imbalance of estrogen and progesterone, cause puffiness and the set of weight. Check the content of sugar in blood and existence of threat of diabetes. If fouls of the hormonal background are found, to you will appoint medicines which will help to lose weight and to get rid of fat deposits on the stomach. Don't self-medicate. You can do irreparable harm to your health and receive the return to the desirable result.

If hormones are normal, be engaged in change of the food allowance. Without diet to get rid of hated folds on the stomach it won't turn out. Completely exclude sugar, confectionery, chocolate, farinaceous food and bread from the diet. Don't eat fat and fried products. Include in the diet the fresh vegetables rich with cellulose and other food fibers, low-fat kefirs and cottage cheese, fowl, fish. Eat five times a day in the small portions. Observance of these simple rules will help to reduce food caloric content, stimulates the metabolism and will quickly save you from the stomach.

It is wrong to believe that swing of the press will present you the flat stomach. Be engaged in any aerobic loadings better. Perfectly run or dances will approach. Well proved in the local zhiroszhiganiye in the stomach bodiflex. The effect of weight loss is based on the correct breath during performance of exercises. Buy hulakhup and begin to twist it 3 times a day 15 minutes. In the month of regular trainings you will notice the first results.

Try saloon procedures and hardware cosmetology for fight against fat on the stomach and sides. Cavitation, ultrasonic liposuction, promises to save you from excess centimeters rapidly. Operation of the device is based on splitting of fat deposits under the influence of ultrasonic waves, and their further conclusion from the organism by lymphatic system. Not bad the mesotherapy in fight against local obesity proved. Special fat-burning cocktails enter under skin the course at 7-10 of procedures. For the skin tone in the stomach use home care. The majority of domestic and foreign brands on body care offer modeling stomach and body cream. Usually they have the warming or cooling effect. Conduct the course of wrappings in house conditions. These procedures will tighten skin and will remove excess liquid in the stomach. If to you it is necessary to keep fast disposal of the stomach, laziness to diets and to play sports, without the aid of plastic surgery not to manage. The experienced surgeon will carry out liposuction of the stomach and, by means of special cannulas, will pump out excess fat. However, for this procedure there is the number of contraindications from health, and it costs rather much. Also don't hope that next day after operation, you will it is proud to sport on the beach in the bathing suit. Within the month you will need to wear special compression knitwear, to wait bruises and hypostases will descend so far.

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