How to gather reaction speed

How to gather reaction speed

The boxing is one of those sports where badly gathered speed of reaction is not only the reason of sports failures, but also physical damage, and therefore the training of reaction is essential in formation of the technique of the boxer.


1. Ask the friend or other boxer to play from training group with you one simple, but the game which is very effectively gathering reaction speed.

2. Ask the companion to hold the palm directed to you.

3. Beit up to the partner's palm in any timepoints. The task of the companion is in that you couldn't get to it. He has to remove it during drawing kick by you. Your task - dexterously and precisely to beat the held-up palm.

4. Keep count. Consider how many times you hit on the palm of the companion and how many times to him were succeeded to take away the hand.

5. Change over for the workmate. Now he will try to hit on your palm, and you take away it. Continue to keep count and then compare whose and on what reaction is better. It should be notedIt should be noted that reaction of kick up to the palm and reaction of avoiding kick are two different reactions. And if one of you succeeded in kicks, then not the fact that he will bypass the second in goings.

6. You catch hands of flies. Quite often happens that in the house flies appear. They can help you with development of speed of reaction very much. It is difficult to foretell in what direction the insect will depart to the following timepoint and if to consider also that fact that it a little by the size, then along with reaction speed you will be able to develop also coordination.

7. You study juggling – several flying objects, constantly demanding that they were thrown and caught, are subject to at what the speed of reaction and also motive coordination is well gathered.

8. Use special computer programs for development of speed of reaction. As a rule, such programs have various settings, such, for example, as the speed of the movement of objects and also conduct the certain estimated system. Using such system of points or points, monitor the progress.

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