How to get rid of excess fat

How to get rid of excess fat

The inactive lifestyle, unhealthy food, sedentary work, stress inevitably lead to the set of excess weight both at women, and at men. The problem of excess fat - not only esthetic. First of all excess fat in the organism bears health hazard.

1. Excess fat in the organism can be two types – subcutaneous and visceral. Subcutaneous fat collects directly under skin, for example, in around navel, on hips and buttocks. Such type of fat is characteristic mainly of women. Subcutaneous fat doesn't represent health hazard. It is noticeable in the form of unpleasant folds at once. Visceral (or internal) fat is in the abdominal cavity between internals – heart, the liver, the gastrointestinal tract. It is impossible to see it. Visceral fat, to be exact, its surplus, can lead to serious diseases of the cardiovascular system. Externally the excess of visceral fat is shown in the form of the so-called "beer stomach" at men. Among women there is practically no obesity on internal type.

2. Disposal of excess fat happens gradually, sometimes this process can be dragged out up to 2-3 years. Everything depends on your initial weight. First of all reconsider the food. For successful weight loss it is necessary to exclude completely sugar, all plain carbohydrates – white loaf, rolls, cakes. Refuse potatoes and pasta in favor of buckwheat and wild or brown rice. Drink more water, it is possible to have unsweetened tea and coffee, and here about carbonated drinks it is necessary to forget. If it is very difficult to refuse sugar in drinks, at first you pass to sweeteners. Now there is the wide choice of natural sweeteners on the basis of the stevia plant – natural sweetener.

3. Exclude from the diet the processed products – sausages, sausages, various meat semi-finished products. As a rule, the stated amount of fat and protein in such products isn't true – the squirrel much less, and fat, respectively, more. Replace them with low-fat meat or fish. Give preference to chicken and the turkey and also red grades of fish – the salmon, the trout, the salmon. Red fish is rich with protein and useful Omega-3 fatty acids which help to fight against excess fat.

4. Use more fresh vegetables. Light vegetable salads perfectly satisfy feeling of hunger and contain the large amount of the cellulose necessary for the correct digestion. As gas station use olive oil, vinegar, lemon juice. Don't use mayonnaise or other ready sauces for seasoning of salads – all of them contain too large amount of fat.

5. Try to eat often. The optimal variant – the breakfast, the lunch and the dinner, and between them two small having a snack. Frequent food supports the metabolism at the high level that is very important for disposal of excess fat. As soon as you go on the rigid hungry diet, the organism instead of spending stocks, slows down the metabolism that to keep these stocks. Instead of fat, muscles as the main consumers of energy are spent. Fat begins to go to the latest turn.

6. Don't forget about sport. Even 2-3 trainings a week in total with healthy nutrition very quickly will help you to see the first results. The power training and aerobic loadings will suit both to men, and women. Also fitness clubs offer the wide choice of the group programs directed to combustion of fat and strengthening of muscles.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team