How to get rid of extensions and cellulitis

How to get rid of extensions and cellulitis

Easily and just to spoil our fine body. Business at all not in extra kilos, and in such troubles as cellulitis and extensions. Hips, buttocks and the stomach are the most problem parts of the body at each woman. Exactly here the organism accumulates the large number of fat deposits, in the consequence of what there are extensions and cellulitis is formed. You shouldn't be reconciled with them. A lot of patience and persistence will be required that from them to get rid and not to curtail from the planned way.

  • - to change the lifestyle, to reconsider the food allowance, to stock up with patience and not to give up.

1. To reduce quantity of extensions and to get rid of cellulitis, accustom themselves to look after skin every day carefully. Perform various exercises for strengthening of muscles, adhere to the balanced food, pick up the personal diet and lead active lifestyle.

2. Do dry grindings by the broom or the special mitten. Pound skin before reddening. Such exercise raises the tone of skin and stimulates work of the blood system. You carry out the procedure two-three times a week before acceptance of the shower.

3. Take the alternating douche. It possesses surprising impacts on all your organism. Alternation of hot and cold water excellently restores blood supply, strengthens the organism and promotes the general improvement. After the shower properly pound problem parts of the body the dry towel and apply nutritious cream.

4. Allocate time to luxuriate in the heat bath with addition of sea salt. Salt well weakens all organism, purifies skin and does it soft and silky. Be not afraid to experiment. Add honey, milk and infusions of various herbs to water.

5. At once after hydrotherapeutic procedures be engaged in massage. For these purposes stock up with anti-cellulite cream or the srub. Don't forget that even the most usual strokings, grindings and tinglings bring huge benefit in fight against extensions and cellulitis.

6. Do various wrappings. For this purpose use mixes from vegetable and essential oils. Apply oil to dry skin and properly pound it. Then wrap up in food wrap and be more warmly wrapped up.

7. Don't overeat. Try to eat only healthy food which is vitamin-rich. Include in the diet products rich with protein.

8. It is difficult to tell that it is meaner and worse - cellulitis or extensions. Most often they just supplement each other. Remember that your chief assistant in fight against them is constancy and regularity. Aren't lazy and at you everything will turn out!

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