How to get rid of fat on the man's stomach

How to get rid of fat on the man's stomach

The physical structure of men allows them not to be afraid of adjournment of the first extra kilos on buttocks or legs, as at women. But here the stomach is the problem zone. Besides, the absence even of the minimum daily loads of muscles of the stomach allows fat deposits to accumulate on it much quicker.


1. To get rid of fat on the stomach, it is necessary to combine systematic exercise stresses with healthy nutrition. Only carrying out all this in the complex, it is possible to expect result. There is no sense to torture itself to the seventh sweat and at the same time daily to drink beer or to have dinner hamburgers.

2. Eat properly. To remove extra kilos, it isn't obligatory to go on the diet and to hunger constant. It is rather simple to exclude as much as possible from the diet alcoholic and any carbonated drinks, having changed them for fruit, tea and water. Isn't flour, fat and strongly salty. Try to eat 4-5 times a day, but in the small portions. Replace fried dishes with boiled or baked in wind to the case. Try to use less seasonings and oils when cooking. Also don't supplement the dish with so favourite mayonnaise, sauces and ketchups.

3. Move more. Whenever possible refuse driving the car and public transport. You go to shop on foot and walk upstairs, but not on the elevator. Make it the useful habit.

4. Be engaged in run. It is the best way to burn excess weight not only on the stomach, but also on all organism. If you suffer from big weight, and it is still difficult for you to run, just go the fast pace for a long time, gradually replacing the step with the trot.

5. Swing the press. As soon as you feel that excess weight began to leave, be engaged in strengthening of muscle bulk of the stomach. Lay down on the back, bend legs in knees, put hands for the head, and raise the breast towards knees. It you will pump up the top and average press. The lower press can be strengthened the simple pripodnimaniye of straight legs from lying situation. Begin with the small amount of repetitions in several approaches, gradually increasing loading.

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