How to get rid of the fat fold on the stomach

How to get rid of the fat fold on the stomach

Skin and fat folds on the stomach can appear after pregnancy and childbirth when muscles of the stomach disperse, or as a result of immoderation in food and lack of physical activity. The complex of physical exercises will help to get rid of the fat fold.


1. Choose cardiotrainings. Combustion of fat happens at the certain rhythm and loading to which there correspond intensive occupations swimming, water aerobics, jogging, trainings on exercise bikes, etc. To increase effectiveness of occupations, it is necessary to perform exercises with weighting in the form of dumbbells, plastic bottles with water, etc.

2. You twist the hoop. Daily 15-minute trainings will help to tighten stomach skin, "to break" fat folds, to reduce the layer. Choose models with additional weighting and massage rollers – so the efficiency from the training will be higher.

3. Include in the complex of exercise on twisting. This type of exercises allows to study median muscles of the press, in passing stimulating slanting muscles of the stomach. Take the position – lying on the back, with the legs bent in knees, with the hands got for the head. Carry out liftings of the trunk, looking directly before themselves. Keep the muscle tone and don't take the big break between exercises – at most 20-30 seconds. Change straight uphills for trunk turning in the parties. It is possible to complicate exercise, having added leg raises and fixing of situation in the topmost point.

4. Carry out leg raises. Raising straight legs from the back-lying position, you swing muscles of the lower press that promotes gradual disappearance of the fat layer. Performing exercise, it is important to watch immovability of hands and shoulders which have to be pressed to the floor. Do rises slowly, fixing tension resulting from occupations. Side exercises affect oblique muscles of the press – raise the right leg, lying on the left side and vice versa.

5. You twist "bicycle". Circular motions by legs study the central part of the press. Lay down on the back, raise straight legs, lower them to the corner in 45 degrees and "you twist" the imagined pedals. This exercise should be performed until you don't feel morbidity in the field of the press. The kind of circular spins is exercise with the fitball – clamp the ball between feet, raise straight legs up and carry out circular turns by legs.

6. Work intensively. Press muscles badly give in to correction and to achieve noticeable results, it is necessary to work well – the number of repetitions for one exercise can reach 50-100 times, at the same time it is important that the last movements were carried out with big effort.

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