How to get rid of the postnatal stomach

How to get rid of the postnatal stomach

Already childbirth behind, happy parents comes back home from maternity hospital. And now the woman is faced by the task (naturally, after child care) – to make the figure same attractive as before pregnancy and to get rid of the drooped stomach, to strengthen press muscles.

It is required to you

  • - useful products;
  • - time for occupation physical exercises;
  • - specialized doctor.


1. Begin to carry the bandage right after childbirth if of course you have to it no contraindications. It will help to tighten quickly the belt and will do you visually more harmonious from the first postnatal days.

2. Don't allow emergence in the house of harmful products. Organize the food so that the menu included only healthy, natural food, but at the same time you have to receive enough calories that there was no hunger. Eat porridges, drink kefir, you cook simple soups. To go on the diet right after childbirth – not the best decision. You still should nurse the child, and he has to be provided with all necessary vitamins. In the fridge always there have to be fresh fruit and vegetables (but cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage shouldn't enter your diet the first weather). Strictly adhere to the diet. You don't pass to some having a snack – so you will only affect the health.

3. Include trainings in the day regimen. It is necessary to do it after a while after the delivery. You shouldn't begin with heavy physical exercises at once. It and the stress for the organism, and risk of serious consequences. Therefore exclude the kilometer jogs and exercises demanding big endurance. You watch the state and when you feel that it is already possible to play intensively sports, perform exercises for strengthening of muscles.

4. You descend on consultation to the cosmetologist to set result of regular trainings and healthy food. After it gives the consent, it is possible to resort to services of specialized salons in restoration of the organism after the delivery. Some women resort even to surgical correction, replacing sites of skin.

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