How to get rid of the stomach in house conditions

How to get rid of the stomach in house conditions

The tightened tummy – the dream of any woman, besides quite feasible. The elastic and trained muscles of the prelum abdominale not only beautifully look, but also support harmonious work of internals. It is enough to have patience and a little time which care of own appearance and health needs to light. On the waist and the stomach it is necessary to approach the problem of disposal of surplus of fat in a complex.

  • Sports rug, honey, dry mustard, food wrap, valerian root, camomile pharmaceutical, shower.

1. To make the stomach flat by means of trainings of muscles of the prelum abdominale. To lay down on the floor. To bend legs in knees. To link hands on the nape. To raise the head and shoulders over the floor. Not to tear off the shovel from the floor. To reach shoulders for the bent legs with the small range of rocking. To hold on in such situation 1 minute. To have a rest. The home position, lying on the back. To extend one leg up. To reach shoulders for the raised leg. In the minute to have a rest and change the extended leg. To lay down on the back, to put hands along the body. To raise straight legs over the floor. To draw the delayed socks in air the imagined figures, from one to nine. Not to tear off the back from the floor.

2. To be engaged in self-massage. To lay down on the back. To put the palm on the stomach and with circular motions to stroke clockwise. To pound the stomach side of palms as if to saw the hacksaw. To squeeze palms in fists and bones of fingers to roll and knead fat deposits.

3. To carry out honey massage and wrappings. To pound 1 teaspoon of honey between palms. To put palms to the stomach and to tear off sharply. To do such massage on all problem zone. On skin bruises can be formed. Important, you should have no diseases of internals. To mix 2 tablespoons of honey and 1 tablespoon of dry mustard. To smear with this mix the waist and the stomach, to wrap up in food wrap. To resemble 1 hour. To do within 8 – 10 days.

4. To do the hydromassage of the problem zone. Standing under the shower, to direct the strong water jet to area of the stomach. To alternate hot water and cold. Upon termination of the procedure to pound the wet stomach the terry towel.

5. To take grass baths for the conclusion of surplus of fat from the organism. To process 30 g of the rhizome of the valerian in powder. To fill in 1 l of cold water and to insist 1 hour. Then to boil 20 min., to filter and pour out in the bathtub. To take the bath before going to bed. Course of procedures of 10-12 days. To fill in flowers of the pharmaceutical camomile with boiled water (100 g on 2 l). To insist 2 hours, to filter and pour out in the bathtub. To lie down in the heat bath of 15 minutes before going to bed, within 10-12 days.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team