How to get rid of thick legs

How to get rid of thick legs

The legs burdened with excess weight very change the silhouette, and it becomes disproportionate. It seriously limits the choice of clothes, there is the need to hide shortcomings. To get rid of thick legs, the combination of aerobic exercises and exercise stresses and also certain changes in the daily food allowance is shown.


1. First of all, begin with easy loads of legs. Run in the mornings at least five-ten minutes then carry out squats without weight to the full. Your purpose is to give to the organism to get used to loading, to develop resistance to exercise stresses and to train the respiratory system. After two-three weeks of morning jogs you pass to the next stage.

2. Sign up for aerobics courses. It isn't important in what will passtrainings direction at all, load of legs is meant in each of the directions of these occupations. Continue to run in the mornings or use the racetrack and the bicycle exercise machine after classes aerobics. Consider, the you render big load on legs, the quicker they lose weight, become tightened and strong.

3. Cut down the diet. Carrying out the steps specified earlier you disperse the metabolism, at healthy nutrition you burn even more fat, than continuing to eat as well as earlier. Refuse products with the high content of fat, moderately consume meat and sweet. Eat as much as possible vegetables and fruit. Try not to eat after six-seven o'clock in the evening, and in case of strong hunger eat fruit and vegetables.

4. Surely get enough sleep, normally to maintain such strong trainings, you need the long recovery period.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team