How to give to the breast elasticity

How to give to the breast elasticity

Unfortunately, the women's breast is almost deprived of muscles which would support her. Therefore with age it becomes less elastic and droops. It is better to begin care for the bust prior to irreversible processes, so you prolong its beauty and elasticity.


1. Physical exercises - the key to success in keeping fit of the breast. They are applied to the tone of pectoral muscles which are under the breast and are responsible for elasticity. Before performance of exercises surely warm muscles, work as hands (rotate shoulders, make the mill). Pick up dumbbells weighing 1 kg. Extend hands before yourself, develop them palms up. Hands have to be at the level of the breast. Slowly part hands in the parties, then return to the home position. Repeat 10 times.

2. Sit down on the chair. Cramp elbows behind the back, attracting them to each other as it is possible closer. Then part elbows in the parties. Repeat 20 times.

3. Lay down on the back. Extend the right hand with the dumbbell along the hip, and left – up before the breast. Without bending the hand in elbows, replace their situation. Repeat 15 times.

4. Be wrung out. This simple exercise will strengthen not only the breast, but also shoulders, hands and the back. Kneel, widely place hands and gradually you take away legs back. It is important that hands weren't placed widely – wrists have to be under shoulder joints. Now bend elbows, parting them in the parties. Fall as low as possible, without inclining the head, you hold the back directly.

5. Correctly select underwear. The bra helps to support the breast during all life therefore it is important correct to pick up the size and the form. Truly picked up linen doesn't constrain movements, doesn't leave marks on the body.

6. Use the alternating douche. There is nothing more usefully for maintenance of the breast in the tone, than influence of cold water. It improves blood supply, helps blood vessels to remain elastic and elastic. It is also possible to use ice cubes for processing of the zone of the decollete. Skin here same gentle and thin, as on the breast. It constantly experiences strain from bust weight therefore care for it is necessary not less careful.

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