How to go down on skis

How to go down on skis

For many beginning skiers there is the descent problem from the slope. Many simply are afraid of it to do. It is possible to cope with fear and ignorance easily if to apply the accurate tested recommendations about acquisition of this skill.

It is required to you

  • - Skis and sticks;
  • - slopes of mountains.


1. Master, first of all, technology of descent by "short flight of stairs". It is very effective on steep slopes. If snow firm, then do kick by the outside edge of the ski about the slope. Teach such technique the beginners.

2. Apply the simultaneous course if you eat on the knurled ski track under the bias. For this purpose take out both sticks forward and put them near socks. Sharply bend forward, bend legs and make a start, having put then other leg. During this movement strongly press sticks! Also don't detain hands at hips, you take out sticks far back almost to the full. Many put sticks very widely or hang the head, watching to themselves the step. You have to look only always forward at the ski track. You watch to making these mistakes.

3. Train the besshazhny course. It is effectively applicable on the ski track leaving even more under the bias. During its performance it is only enough to make a start vigorously sticks to go by inertia. You transfer at the same time body weight to the front part of foot.

4. Practice the two step double pole on the rolled plain surface and on long slopes at unimportant sliding. Do only one push by sticks on two made steps. After each push push one leg a little forward for stability.

5. Ride from hills more often. Sit down below, push one leg forward on the half-foot. If you sit down very low and bend forward, speed will increase. Relax hands and lower them down. Gradually become straight and bend before the bottom forward.

6. Be trained to climb down at first small mountains. Master also correct stance by means of the goal which can be made of two small branches. Establish them on the middle of the hill. Sit down low precisely to pass between them. Many with pleasure do this exercise.

7. Execute all above-stated receptions and your fear of the slope will leave. You will be able to go down on skis in any place and at any time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team