How to hold the horizon

How to hold the horizon

"Horizon" - one of the most beautiful, but very difficult elements in track and field athletics. To perform this exercise, it is necessary to master some body-checks and push-ups previously.

It is required to you

  • - any support;
  • - floor.


1. When performing this exercise on the floor there are some features. At the standard arm position there has to be the flexible brush or strong fingers. To keep body weight at the provision "the horizon on fingers" of the brush also have to be strong.

2. For development of the horizon equipment try to perform the accompanying exercises, they will help to get necessary force.

3. Execute push-ups at narrow setting of hands. Do them as well as usual push-ups, at the same time put hands as it is possible already. On the floor try not to lay down, and just try to touch by the breast of your palms. When performing this exercise of the leg you reduce together.

4. Make push-ups with very widely put hands. Carry out this element, as well as usual push-ups, but put hands as it is possible more widely. During performance of this exercise try not to lay down, and slightly get the floor breast.

5. Do exercise on the statics. At this element it isn't necessary to be wrung out and do any movements and rockings, and it is necessary just to be recorded and stay in such situation as long as possible. When performing this exercise of the hand put at the level of the belt, it is possible far away. Direct fingers back and get up in the provision "lying support". In such state it will be very difficult to stay. Try not to bend the back, then you will achieve the necessary effect.

6. Perform exercise on the triceps. To be necessary for this purpose any support. What it will be lower, it will be more difficult to that to make this element. Depart a little back, bend and undertake two hands the support. Then "dive" the head as low as possible.

7. Do exercise for the waist "boat". For this purpose just lay down on the floor, hands and legs you hold together, extend them before yourself, but you don't part. Cave in in the back, you try as it is possible to raise hands and legs above at the same time. This excellent exercise for strengthening of the back.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team