How to improve accuracy

How to improve accuracy

In the paintball the accuracy of shooting of the player is the major factor on the way to the victory. Improvement of accuracy of shooting from the marker becomes one of the most discussed subjects among fans of the paintball.

1. First of all choose for yourself the convenient and comfortable marker by the size, weight and so on. Pay the main attention to as far as it is convenient to you to keep it in the aiming position whether the butt causes discomfort or pain. Such troubles will reduce your efficiency in shooting. Make sure thatMake sure that the chosen marker most corresponds to your building.

2. Train aiming. At this stage not to be limited to ten shots – it is necessary to spend a lot of time and forces. Main rule: when aiming on the place to exhale and hold the breath. Experiment with targets at the training, changing distance to them.

3. When aiming the butt, the air cylinder or the butt can come into the view of the mask. To get rid of these possible hindrances, place the cylinder on the lower part of your marker or raise the rear sight a little above.

4. Further, when you more or less will accustom with shooting on motionless targets, pass to the shooting training on suddenly appearing targets (suddenly – it means without precautionary signs). This type of the training will give you some kind of load of visual and motor reaction and also of the accuracy of targeting of the marker. In such conditions the development of accuracy will gain serious steam, and when shooting on static you will be able to show to targets the improved results.

5. Press the trigger smoothly relaxed finger. In the same way you hold the weakened hand as the more tension in the brush, the stronger it trembling, so and the accuracy of the shot can significantly fall.

6. Learn to select right time for the shot. It is one of fundamental factors. The feeling of the purpose and feeling of the marker in total will allow you to make the most accurate shots.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team