How to improve quality of the game in chess

How to improve quality of the game in chess

Chess – the most ancient and most interesting game. And the better the person begins to understand it, the it becomes more interesting. In this article I will tell what needs to be done to begin to play better.

Some people play chess for many years, but progress, in respect of improvement of quality of the game at the same time can be very slow, and at times it is absent at all. The fact is that the frequent game in chess isn't the key to success. Here the integrated approach is necessary.

Will best of all learn to play chess, the coach, however will help if there is no opportunity to visit the chess circle, it is possible to improve the game in house conditions, using some methods:

1.            Studying chess theory. These are debuts – the beginning of party. Mittelshpil – the middle of party and the end-game when on the board there are few figures. Studying the theory, the fan, already from the first occupations will understand the set of technical strategy of conducting the game which promote its improvement.

2.            Solution of chess tasks. It is the integral part of occupations where it is necessary to think much. For a start tasks where it is necessary to put the mat in two courses, in three courses, to win the figure, to get advantage will approach. Then, it is possible to begin to solve chess etudes.

3.            To play and write down parties. It is very important! Each played party needs to be written down that then to analyze. The beginner in the analysis will be surprised to the fact that he in some moments could not just play games better, but also win. At the same time it is necessary to focus on the game of the opponent also. He too in some moments, had the best chances.

4.            Analysis of parties of the famous chess players. Books by the famous chess players can be bought in bookstores, to download on the Internet, to take in library. There parties aren't simply provided, but also comments on them are given.

5.            To play in various tournaments more often. In each city, events such several times a year are surely held. Participation in them is available to everyone. If there is no opportunity to play in tournaments, then it is possible to find opponents floating around the Internet. There is the set of servers.

6.            To play on correspondence. Of course, now nobody plays on correspondence. It can be done on the Internet. There are servers where tournaments with various control of time are held. Thus, it is possible to play one party till some months. Such game isn't simply convenient, but also is useful. Gives the chance to play more attentively, deeply sorting each option uncountable number of times.

Approximately on the same method, coaches teach this most interesting game. This approach, as a rule, yields fast result, already literally in few months.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team