How to improve run

How to improve run

Jogging - the best way to put health in order. Run helps to increase endurance, to lose excess weight, to train heart and vessels, to strengthen joints. In order that the effect of running exercises was maximum, it is necessary to be able to run correctly. What it is worth paying attention to improve the technology of run?

It is required to you

  • Good running sneakers


1. Begin and finish jog from the careful extension of muscles. Especially it touches muscles of hips. Often the athlete can't correctly run only because he doesn't have extension for the wide range of movements. There are two stretching exercises useful to runners.

2. Undertake the right hand the support at the level of the breast. The left hand undertake the anklebone. Holding the straight line back, tighten the heel to buttocks. Be late in such situation when you feel the maximum tension in hip muscles. Shake the leg back, slightly springing. Get up directly, one leg ahead, another behind at distance of the wide step. Foot of the leg located behind completely adjoins to the floor. You transfer weight of the body to the leg put ahead, at the same time with the force press the heel of the leg located behind into the floor.

3. Don't limit yourself just to jogging with assigned speed. Practice the remarkable way to increase running endurance – interval run. Its essence comes down to the fact that you alternate run to different speed. For example, you run quickly within two minutes, then pass to slow run. Slowly you run within three minutes, again pass to fast run. Such cycles can be to six. The main thing not to do the stoppage.

4. Add to usual jogs of exercise on technology of run. First of all, it is run with high lifting of the hip. Hips have to rise highly, to waist level, and as often as possible. The second widespread exercise on the technique is the run with zakhlesty shins. Run, having slightly bent forward, and try to hit yourself with heels on buttocks. Try to work with force, only in this case from exercises there will be the advantage. Actively work hands then legs will better work. There will be more advantage if you include these exercises in the system of interval run. Run, performing exercises, about 100 meters, then you pass to slow run at distance 300 – 400 meters, and again you come back to exercises.

5. Correctly you hold hands during run. Hands have to be bent in elbows at right angle and are recorded. During run your hands shouldn't dangle, relax or, be bent on the contrary in elbows stronger. During run of the hand move at the level of the waist.

6. Try to run, being rolled from the heel on the sock. It will reduce impact load by your joints and the backbone. In order that it was easier for you, buy special running sneakers. Their sole more rigid also has depreciation inserts not only under the heel, but also in the front part of foot. The sock of such sneakers is slightly inflexed in order that it was easier to run correctly.

7. Don't try to increase step length artificially. It will lead to the fact that you will move jumps. The similar style of run threatens with injuries of ankle joints. Besides you will quicker be tired. In order that steps were longer, it is necessary to stretch muscles. Perform such exercise that your steps became longer, and run - quicker.

8. Lunge wide, lean palms against the hip of the leg which is taken out forward. The leg located behind has to be most straightened. The heel of the leg which is taken out forward has to be strictly under the knee. Slowly fall to the floor. When you feel the maximum tension, remain in this position for 20 – 30 seconds. Repeat for other leg.

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