How to improve the bearing

How to improve the bearing

The backbone is "the life axis", and problems with it pour out for the person in migraines, interruption in work of the GIT, developments of stagnation in the small basin, incorrect work of the liver and other bodies. Very often person – responsible for the diseases. Reading in the bed, the habit to stoop, the wrong landing at the computer over time will develop into deformation of the backbone and the problem with health. Fortunately, it is simple not to allow this sad scenario – to take care of the correct posture enough.

It is required to you

  • - thick book;
  • - big ball for fitness;
  • - subscription to the gym.


1. Take advice of our grandmothers. For development of the correct regal posture they put the book on the top and went, trying not to drop it. The step became light, shoulders finished, and the ordinary woman changed in the proud beauty.

2. Control the body. Every minute verify its situation with reference. It is simple to find out the standard: get up to the wall the back so that your body touched the wall surface in four points – the nape, top of the back, buttock and heel. The stomach in at the same time is slightly tucked. This postural pose is correct – reference. You should support it every second.

3. Go to fitness or be engaged at home. The best views of trainings for maintenance of health of the backbone and development of the good bearing – yoga, Pilates. At the same time strengthen back muscles which will support your body, without allowing it to settle.

4. Control the landing at the computer or the dining table. You sit exactly, keeping the straight line back, and legs having densely set stupnyam against the floor. Most of people of it don't do and eventually gets to himself the set of sores. You can get the huge balloon for fitness and stay at home on it. In the slightest attempt to stoop, receive the impressive pose you will appear on the floor. Over time at you will become the habit to sit correctly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team