How to improve the shape of the breast by means of yoga

How to improve the shape of the breast by means of yoga

Beautiful and elastic breast – the dream, perhaps, each woman. However much should work fairly that to reach it. We offer five simple, but effective exercises from yoga. They not only will strengthen muscles of the breast and will increase the volume of lungs, but also in general will revitalize your organism and will load with positive energy.

Soldier's pose

Take the position standing, legs are widely placed. Hands in the parties. Develop the right foot in outer side, and left – in internal. On the exhalation bend the right knee and smoothly cross the case forward. The look at the same time is directed to the right brush. Make the breath and return on the initial position. Make up to 10 cycles in each party.

Advantage: exercise is directed to expansion of the thorax, gives it elasticity and mobility. Has no contraindications.

Triangle pose

Get up. Widely place legs. Hands in the parties. The right foot is developed in outer side approximately by 90 degrees, left is directed inside. On the exhalation make bending so that the right hand touched the right ankle. The left hand is directed up. At the same time don't bend knees. The eye is turned on the left brush. On the breath become straight. Repeat exercise on each party to 10 cycles.

Advantage: the pose strengthens pectoral muscles, improves blood circulation, extends the backbone.

Bridge pose

Lay down on the back. Bend legs so that heels touched buttocks. Also bend hands with the emphasis on palms, fingers are directed towards the case. On the exhalation raise the thorax and hips, having caved in in the back as far as it is possible. Try to straighten elbows. Be late for 30 seconds. You breathe quietly.

Advantage: the pose well stretches the backbone, kills headaches, fatigue expands the thorax.

Contraindications: this exercise shouldn't be practiced to people with back injuries, hernias and the increased arterial and intra cranial blood pressure.

Camel pose

Kneel, feet are connected. On the exhalation slowly cave in, hands at the same time lie on heels. Throw back the head as much as possible back. Feel how the backbone is extended and the thorax extends. Be late for 30 seconds, and later return to the initial position.

Advantage: exercise is directed to increase in volume of lungs, disposal of pains in the backbone and strengthening of pectoral muscles.


This pose is "queen" in yoga. For its performance kneel, put on the forearm floor, connect fingers in the form of the bowl where your nape will rest. Having taken the sure position with the support on the head and hands, tighten legs to the breast. Make the exhalation and slowly extend them up. Be late for the minute, and then return on initial.

Advantage: the headstand renders positive effect on ligaments and muscles of the backbone and the breast, doing them stronger, elastic. Also regular practice of exercise improves blood circulation, breath.

Contraindications: the pose isn't recommended to be done to people with back injuries (especially cervical department) and the increased arterial and intra cranial blood pressure.

What strong and treasured wasn't your dream of the beautiful and elastic breast, health and safety have to remain in the priority. Therefore don't forget to consult before occupations at experts. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team