How to increase body weight

How to increase body weight

To increase body weight – desire of many thin people. The healthy lifestyle, healthy nutrition and systematic power loadings will help to gain muscle bulk.

1. Power trainings – the indispensable condition at the set of muscle bulk. For the best effect it is necessary to be engaged not less than 3 times a week. Distribute trainings so that between them the recovery period of muscles was not less than 48 hours. Therefore be not tempted with the idea that if you go every day to classes, then you will quicker gain body weight. Choose for yourself the most suitable trainings. It isn't obligatory for you to be engaged on exercise machines to pump up muscles. Power trainings as shaping too well will help to increase weight, the main thing at them not to be lazy. Surely include the extension in the system of trainings. It can be classes in the stretch or yoga, or 15 – 20 minute additions after each power training.

2. Quickly the individual coach will help to build up muscle bulk. But similar approach demands considerable monetary expenses. If you are able to afford similar service, then individual trainings – ideal option. The professional in the field of fitness will choose for you optimal variants of trainings, and will give the necessary advice concerning food and the correct mode.

3. Surely carry out correction of own diet. During the day there have to be 4 – 6 meals. Every portion try to do the size less, than you usually eat for once. But consider what eaten to you has to last for 2 – 3 hours, till the following meal.

4. Every morning has to begin with the breakfast. If the first meal at you usually occurs closer by the lunch, then urgently accustom the organism to earlier time. Morning – the best time to be loaded with the bulk of energy and to provide to all bodies due food. Thus, muscle gain will begin with the morning in your organism. Don't exclude the dinner from the diet. Surely eat in 2 hours prior to the dream.

5. Your diet has to include proteins (meat, fish, dairy products, peas, soy, etc.), carbohydrates (bread, grain, fruit and vegetables), cellulose, fat (20 – 25%). Daily drink vitamin – mineral complexes and the protein. Try to eat variously.

6. Pay due attention to the healthy sleep. You sleep 7 – 9 hours daily. To lay down to have a rest it is necessary till midnight. Such dream is considered the most optimum.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team