How to increase bust measurement

How to increase bust measurement

Esthetic operations on increase in the breast cost expensive. And consequences after their carrying out can be unpredictable. Therefore women quite often look for alternative ways of increase in the breast. One of them is based on performance of specialized physical exercises. As far as it is effective and what exercises need to be done to give the necessary volume to pectoral muscles?


1. The form of the women's breast is given by the mammary gland and muscles which are under it. The volume of the mammary gland any physical exercises can't be increased. However specialized fitness classes will help to create beautiful muscles and by that to raise the breast, to make it more volume. Well fitness trainings influence also the condition of skin of the breast, improving blood circulation and the metabolism in it. You will reach positive effect only at regular trainings. Perform exercises for breast muscles not less than 3 times a week 15 minutes.

2. Begin occupations with the warming up of pectoral muscles. Thanks to high-quality warm-up you will avoid injuries and painful feelings at occupations. The complex of warm-up can be such: - Nominative – standing, the right hand – above, left – along the trunk. Make two springing pandiculations both hands back. Change the arm position and repeat. Carry out 1 minute. - Nominative – standing, hands are bent before the breast. On the breath make two springing pandiculations elbows back. Then straighten hands and repeat breakthroughs by hands back. Alternate the springing pandiculations in the bent and direct arm position. - Nominative – standing, brushes on shoulders, elbows are bent. Make 10 spins shoulders forward, then – back. Try to carry out spins with the maximum range.

3. After warm-up you pass to push-up from the floor in the lying support or being kneeling. You hold the trunk directly. Tuck the stomach in. You look directly before yourself. Hands are wider than shoulders. On the breath bend hands, on the exhalation – straighten. Make 3-4 approaches till 10-20 times. When it is easy for you to perform exercise, complicate it. Put legs on the eminence, and hands lean against the floor. You can put small cargo on the back.

4. Pick up dumbbells or two plastic bottles with water. Lay down on the bench and raise hands before yourself. On the breath part hands in the parties, bending them in elbows. Shoulders have to be parallel to the floor, and forearms - are perpendicular to shoulders. On the breath – reduce together. Repeat 10-15 times in 3-4 approaches. Rest between approaches – 2 minutes. Gradually increase burdening weight. That muscles grew, they need to be loaded as much as possible.

5. In conclusion of the training make the extension. At first pull hands in the parties and up. Then bring them for the back. Clasp the right brush left, pull hands down and a few back.

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