How to increase buttocks, exercises

How to increase buttocks, exercises

Often owners of ideal shapes of buttocks don't hope for the nature, and perform different exercises for their elasticity and increase. Carry out this set of exercises for buttocks every other day 20 minutes and in the month feel effect.

It is required to you

  • Dumbbells, fitball


1. Put legs shoulder width apart, slightly bend knees and extend hands before yourself. Without bending the back, we strain the press and we last forward. Raise the right leg as it is possible above. Make zakhlest the right foot to the buttock. Return to the initial position. Make fifteen times for each leg.

2. One of the most effective exercises on increase in buttocks is squat with burdening. This exercise with dumbbells or the post is performed. If you decided to be engaged with the post, then it is better to go to the fitness center under the guide of the coach. At home it is possible to squat with dumbbells in hands. Squat so that hips fell below the line parallel to the floor. The more deeply you will be able to sit down, the it will bring more benefit.

3. The following exercise is also performed with dumbbells or the post. Get up directly and take the step forward, having put to the foot on one line. The distance between stupnyam has to be it that when lowering the leg back the front leg could be bent by 90 degrees. Bend the back foot in the knee almost having concerned the floor then return to the home position. At the time of squat the emphasis is transferred to the heel of the front leg, and the back heel comes off the floor. It is necessary to do this exercise on ten times for each leg.

4. Jumps on the jump rope are very useful to buttocks. Ten minutes of jumps a day will reduce fat deposits and will strengthen buttocks. Morning jogs will also promote disposal of excess fat.

5. Follow this program and soon your beautiful buttocks many will envy!

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