How to increase efficiency of trainings

How to increase efficiency of trainings

The human body has one unique property – to get used to any loadings. In some situations it, of course, helps out, however at sports activities such property often prevents to achieve the necessary results. The benefit that there are ways to increase efficiency of trainings without addition of loading.


1. To achieve the maximum effect, play sports constantly. Long breaks will reject you to the starting point. At the same time it is very important not to overload muscles and to stop any training when developing pain.

2. Always warm muscles before the training. It not only will save you from injuries and stretchings, but also will increase efficiency of the training. Oxygen will become better to come to muscles, and in the organism the metabolism will amplify that is very important for those who seek to lose weight.

3. Train on the maximum. Daily fifteen-minute trainings won't bring absolutely any effect, except the warming up of muscles and sheaves. To lose weight or pump up muscle bulk, it is important to train intensively not less than 30-60 minutes.

4. If the purpose of sports activities is disposal of excess weight, be engaged not less than 4 times a week. It is desirable, every other day. At the same time your training has to be more aerobic. For weight loss the fast walking, run, skiing, dances, swimming or jumps gives the maximum effect.

5. To pump up muscle bulk, be engaged only before emergence of sensations of pain. And then have a rest until muscles completely aren't recovered – two, three or even four days. It is also important to perform habitual exercises as it is possible more slowly – in this case it isn't required to increase loading.

6. Help yourself it is necessary to achieve effect healthy nutrition. What result you wouldn't seek to achieve at sports activities, your nutrition has to be good. Otherwise the organism simply will have no place to take forces for trainings. However those who seeks to lose weight need to give preference in the second half of day to low-calorie food, and more proteinaceous products are that who does bodybuilding: meat, fish and seafood.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team