How to increase endurance in run

How to increase endurance in run

Practically each runner wishes to increase endurance in run. There are several effective ways, each of which surely will help to become faster and hardy.

Run is the most available sport in which millions of people around the world are engaged. To someone run just helps to support itself in the tone, others consider it as the opportunity to grow over themselves, competing with others and speed. It is unlikely someone from runners will refuse increasing running endurance – that is to learn to run quicker and longer. There are several options on increase in endurance, each of which is aimed at the certain category of people. As all of us different, one way will seem to each of us more acceptable, than another.

Important! In all cases the following training mode – three days a week with rest between trainings 1-2 days is considered.

Way first – increase in the distance

It is the easiest way. It is necessary to run for 30-40% the big distance, than usually. For example, if for you is norm for time to run 3 kilometers, run 4 kilometers. At the same time pace doesn't decrease. To increase loading every month, you won't reach seven kilometers for time yet. At three trainings a week you considerably will increase the endurance and will be able easily to run three kilometers, at the same time the speed of run will increase, and the organism will easily transfer loadings.

Way second – the fragmentary rhythm

Craig Beasley, the famous marathoner from Canada, recommends to increase running endurance in the following way. It is necessary to run within 30 seconds with the maximum speed then for five seconds to pass to usual walking. After walking – again run and so on. Only 8 cycles for one training. In the month the endurance at run will strongly increase, the organism will become stronger. Naturally, over time it is possible to increase quantity of cycles on desire. The main thing is not to force events.

Way third – interval run

It is necessary to run with assigned speed from 400 to 800 meters. After rest within 1-2 minutes to repeat run. Similar intervals has to be 4-5 at the initial stage. The week later it is possible to add one more interval and so on. In few months you will surely feel that you are ready to run twice more, than earlier with the same speed. Legs will get stronger, the body will become much stronger.

Way fourth – change of the running rhythm

This way well will suit more trained athletes. It is the best of all to carry out at stadium where the circle around the field makes 400 meters. In the first ten trainings it is enough to run five-six circles. After warm-up it is necessary to begin to reel up circles. Each circle repeats previous. At first 50 meters the fastest run. Then 50 meters of easy jogging for restoration. After 50 meters the pace is slightly lower maximum and again than 50 meters of recovery run. If there is no opportunity to run on stadium, it is possible to replace explosive run shuttle that well develops also coordination.

Way fifth – pace running on long ranges

Patrick Nobl recommends time to pay in the week attention to long pace running on the long distance. For example, if at usual pace you are capable to overcome ten kilometers in 50 minutes, then try to run seven kilometers in 30 minutes. Each time increase the extent of pace running for several minutes. In few months you don't recognize yourself – the running endurance so will increase.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team