How to increase flexibility

How to increase flexibility

Flexible body - sign of femininity. And the set of exercises on the extension will help to reach it. The main conditions of success are the systematicity of occupations and ability to feel own body.

1. Get up directly, legs together, raise hands up. Make the breath, reach for hands. With the exhalation be bent in hip joints and attract the case to hips. Put hands on the shin and it is careful, without breakthroughs, reach the breast for legs. Try to relax muscles of hips as much as possible. In 1 – 2 minutes relax the back and hands. Then round the backbone and slowly lift the case up.

2. Part legs on width of shoulders, lower hands along the body. With the exhalation develop in hip joints, direct the case between legs, put hands on calves. Don't round the back, last the breast forward. Record situation for 40 seconds. Turn the case to the left leg, put both hands on the shin of the same name, and pull the breast to the hip. In 40 seconds make the extension on the right leg. Return to situation between legs, and with the breath, rounding the back, raise the upper body.

3. Take out the right leg forward, left set aside back. With the exhalation incline the case to the right leg, put hands on the floor. You watch that legs in knees at you weren't bent. Direct the sock of the right leg to yourself, record for 10 seconds. Then pull fingers from yourself. Make 5 repetitions. On the breath bend knees and lift the case up. Trade legs places and make the extension on the left leg.

4. Sit down, part legs in the parties, raise hands up. With the exhalation incline the case to the left leg, be hooked by fingers for the sock. Try to relax as much as possible. In 1 minute on the breath lift the case up. Repeat the extension in other party.

5. Kneel, part shins as much as possible far apart. Sit down between the Piglet. Then deviate back, helping themselves hands, try to put completely the back on the floor. If your body doesn't allow you to receive final situation yet, then fall back on so many on how many it turns out, adhere hands. Constant trainings will help you to perform exercise as a result completely.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team