How to increase jump length

How to increase jump length

Long jumps – full-fledged sport which is far not so simple as it seems. Any person can jump in length, but at the same time not everyone can achieve really serious results in jumps. To jump rather far, it is regularly necessary to train, gather force, running start speed, spring ability and agility.


1. During the long jump you gather speed, moving in the horizontal plane, and then will transform this force for the jump in the vertical plane. In order that it became possible, the athlete needs to develop comprehensively. For a start remember of what stages the long jump consists.

2. The jump begins with running start, then you make a start from the earth then there is the flight phase, and behind it – landing. For women length of running start has to equal 30-35 m, and for men of 40-45 m. For the greatest length of running start you need to learn to gather the maximum speed at the short distance. Before running start receive the comfortable home position – put one leg slightly ahead another on the check line.

3. Also on running start it is possible to leave easy walking. During running start begin to increase gradually the speed that it reached the maximum by the time of the push from the earth. You watch that your body during take-off was in the vertical position, and the leg which you make a start from the earth was intense and was bent at the same time in all joints, throwing out the body by inertia up.

4. Direct the swing leg abrupt movement forward and up, take out one hand back, and another forward and up. Unbend the swing leg in the knee, and hands keep balance in flight. Closer to landing lower the swing leg down, tighten to it the take-off foot, tighten knees to the breast and direct hands down and back.

5. Unbend legs in knees and take out them forward as strongly as you will be able. Landing, bend legs in joints and slightly incline the trunk forward.

6. For successful performance of jumps regularly train to run on short distances, measuring result and jump in height from running start. Surely include the general warm-up with slow run and the extension in the training, run with acceleration, standing long-jumps which are carried out in several stages with gradual increase in the distance, high jumps, running jumps, run from low start, jogging.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team