How to increase number of push-ups on bars

How to increase number of push-ups on bars

Push-up on bars - good exercise for strengthening of muscles of hands and the back. The number of push-ups for approach can be increased if to perform additional exercises.

Push-up on bars are also important for development of force and endurance as pulling up on the horizontal bar. Some athletes claim that, being engaged on bars and horizontal bars at the same time, it is possible to support in peak form the upper body, always perfectly to look and feel ease, force.

Many beginners can't overcome the certain boundary by the number of push-ups on bars in any way. There aren't enough forces in brushes and shoulders. To liquidate this gap, it is possible to resort to auxiliary exercises.

Push-ups from the floor

To increase force in hands and the back, it is possible to begin to be wrung out from the floor. Perfectly push-up helps with four provisions of brushes. That is brushes can be put parallel to the body, and it is possible to develop in different directions, every time changing situation for 90 degrees. As a result practically all muscle fibers are involved, force is increased. It is possible to carry out three approaches on each turn of brushes daily. In two weeks there will be the power, it is possible to feel desire to improve exercise. In order that to complicate it, it is possible to put legs on the stool, and to be wrung out to continue also from the floor. Load of hands will increase that it very is useful when approaching to bars. In the month of preparatory exercises it is possible to pass to more difficult exercise – the handstand from the wall and push-up headfirst. It is important that in it situation is developed also the static force which is very important at push-ups on bars. In parallel with it exercises it is possible to carry out the stance "lying support" within one-three minutes. It will improve the statics and endurance.

Work on bars

To increase the number of push-ups, it is possible to apply the interesting way. If you for one approach can be wrung out only five times, then for one training do ten approaches on 2-3 push-ups. Rest between approaches – 20-30 seconds. Two weeks later the number of push-ups for time will be not less than seven. In three months it is possible to increase the maximum indicator of push-ups three times. For improvement of the statics and to strengthening of brushes it is possible to practice the ordinary stance on bars when legs hang, and the body keeps on hands. Receive such situation before push-up. It is also possible to go in such situation on bars, throwing hands. At the time of transition of one hand to another the situation goes big load of ligaments and muscles that promotes accumulation of force.

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