How to increase physical endurance

How to increase physical endurance

Bad results at trainings or competitions can be the cause of insufficient physical endurance of the athlete. Even not professional athletes can get out of the shape, to feel fatigue and to have bad mood.

1. Adhere to the certain daily routine. Often many problems with endurance are caused by internal overstrain. It can be caused by the elementary sleep debt, stresses at work or study. Try to sleep not less than 8 hours a day. The rest of the time has to leave also equally for work or study and other activity. If you seriously play sports, then you still need to find time for rest after the trainings.

2. Introduce additional morning warm-up in the schedule. For professional athletes jogging after awakening – almost obligatory ritual. On the one hand, the cross-country in 2-3 km will help you to wake up and be loaded with energy, with another – will saturate lungs with oxygen. In few months your endurance will increase many times.

3. Run the long cross-country once a week. It is desirable to hold such training on the weekend that there was enough time for complete recovery. Choose Saturday or Sunday for this training. Begin from 30 minutes of easy jogging, gradually increasing the distance in kilometers of the distance and speed of its passing. The organism will begin to adapt to loadings that will lead to increase in endurance.

4. Be engaged in special respiratory practicians. There are some exercises from yoga which can become excellent addition to your sports or exercise stress. Carry out them in the morning, in the afternoon or in the evening. For a start to you there will be enough "fire breath".

5. Sit down in the lotus pose, relax, close eyes and make several deep breaths and exhalations the stomach. You breathe, thus, within one minute. In several weeks you feel inflow of forces. At trainings it will be expressed in improvement of results.

6. You watch the daily food allowance. Food can become the reason of reduced physical endurance too. Use more cellulose, fruit, nuts, vegetables, cereals and fermented milk products. All of them are quickly acquired and give positive effect to internals. Receive also vitamin complexes if in your food there aren't enough minerals.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team