How to increase the bench press

How to increase the bench press

Bench press – one of business cards of athletes, bodybuilders and weight-lifters. The bench press enters one of three competitive disciplines of powerlifting, and in Europe and the USA this press became the separate type of competitions.


1. Pectoral muscles he is grateful respond to the exercise stress, and athletes can regularly increase the weight of burdenings in this exercise. But, sooner or later, there comes the critical moment after which weight don't grow. If not to use additional methods, it is possible to squeeze out for months and years the same weight without any hints on progress.

2. First of all begin to train the additional muscles participating in the press of the post are deltoid muscles, especially their front part, and tricepses. Because of weakness of these muscles it is impossible to overcome the critical point in rise in heavier weight. It is useful to develop pectoral muscles not only the post, but also dumbbells – the bench press, cultivations in the parties, isolating exercises on exercise machines. Pump up also the back and the press.

3. Very important role in rise of big burdenings is played by force of ligaments and sinews. Their weakness it becomes frequent the cause of the trauma in attempt to lift too big weight. Isometric and static exercises are applied to the training of sinews. Squeeze out the post with the average weight. Lowering it down, detain the apparatus in that end of the resources at which you are, squeezing out superheavy weight. Further hold the post in this point the maximum time. Or ask the workmate to hold the post so that it couldn't be lifted, and make all efforts for overcoming its resistance.

4. At the press of heavy burdenings the important role is played by position of the athlete on the bench and the technique of the deflection of the back. According to many coaches, these two factors are capable to give any the increase in 20% in the bench press. Lay down on the bench so that the signature stamp of the post was located at the level of eyes. Strongly put legs on the floor as it is possible closer to the bench. Cramp shovels and delay a little back that the back densely nestled on the bench. Wide grip by elbows outside is preferable to athletes with long hands. For holders of short hands – the narrow grip elbows to the case. Always you hold the signature stamp so that completely to clasp it with fingers. The post in palms has to be located on wrists so that when performing the press of the brush didn't cave in under weight of the apparatus.

5. Always you ask the workmate that he helped to cross the post. As soon as it appears in hands, at once begin the movement – it is important from the psychological point of view. In the lower point of the movement the post has to appear at the level of nipples. Having lowered the post, after the short-term pause begin the movement up. It is impossible to strike with the signature stamp in the breast so that it jumped up and helped to begin the movement up. In sport this reception is forbidden, and at the training is injury-causing. Lowering the apparatus, take the breath.

6. Squeezing out the post up, bend the back. First, it reduces the curve of the movement of the post. Secondly, force of the lower shares of pectoral muscles will help to lift higher weight. Bending the back, you watch that shovels and the basin surely lay on the bench, differently it is possible to get the spine injury. You hold tension in torso muscles. Exhale at the post press. At the time of achievement of the critical point of the movement hold the breath. It will help to create pressure in belly area and will create good psychological support when overcoming tension. Having made vyzhy, exhale finally.

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