How to increase the breast exercises

How to increase the breast exercises

Sometimes the nature seems to women unfair. It gives someone the bust of the third size, and to someone – the "unfortunate" edinichka. Keep calm! There are special exercises for increase in the breast, capable to replace surgical intervention.


1. The simplest exercise – tightening of palms at the level of the breast. It is possible to carry out standing or sitting. Close finger-tips of both hands, having parted elbows in the parties and having turned thumbs to the breast. On the exhalation with the force rest finger-tips each other. Repeat actions within the minute.

2. To increase mammary glands exercises, it isn't necessary to spend the day in the gym and to drag heavy apparatuses. It is quite possible to manage simple, but effective actions. Having risen to the utmost, straighten the back and raise one straight arm up. Without straining muscles, on the exhalation get the hand for the head. Inhale and try to take away the hand further away for the back. Elbow all the time of the straight line. Repeat exercise with other hand.

3. Regularly carry out the set of exercises. For example, every day it is necessary to be wrung out – at first from the wall, then from the chair or the sofa, then from the floor with the emphasis on knees, then from the lying support. In process of strengthening of pectoral muscles the bust will increase slowly.

4. Many exercises for increase in the breast are based on alternation of rapid and slow movements. Put before yourself the chair, lean against edges of the seat palms, and extend one leg parallel to the floor. The backbone, the head and the leg have to make one line. On the exhalation slowly fall facing sitting, bending hands in elbows. On the breath quickly return to the home position.

5. Receive the pose of the side level – lean the forearm and the outside of the foot against the floor, having extended the body parallel to the floor so that the backbone was direct. Extend the upper hand to the ceiling. Make slow twisting, lowering the hand to the floor and at the same time turning chest department of the ridge.

6. In house conditions it is necessary to train constantly pectoral muscles the following exercises. Sit down on the floor, bend legs at right angle, press feet to the surface. The case and the front part of hips have to make the corner of 90 degrees too. Close finger-tips and concern the floor at the left, to the right of buttocks, without disconnecting the hand.

7. Make jumps, at the same time placing legs is wider than shoulders and clapping over the head. Knees and elbows have to be constantly direct.

8. Lay down on the stomach, having got straight arms for the back and having linked fingers in the lock. On the breath raise shoulders and the breast as it is possible above, extending hands up. On the exhalation slowly fall by the floor. These simple exercises will help to increase the breast without operation and to increase muscle bulk.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team