How to increase the jump in volleyball

How to increase the jump in volleyball

This question is often asked by volleyball players and also basketball players, athletes and all those people to whom it is necessary to jump much and high. Before being engaged in the solution of this problem, it is necessary to begin with process understanding, his mechanics. It is necessary to know what muscles have to develop first of all.


1. The jump begins with group: knees are bent, the case bends forward. Further back muscles (lower), trapezoid and broadest muscles begin to work. At the same time front muscles of hips – quadriceps begin to work. They give acceleration to the body at leg extention. And at last, sural, soleus muscles and also small muscles of foot enter work at the end. The sequence turns out such: back, hips and calves.

2. It is necessary to develop muscles of hands, shoulders, backs, breasts and the press. They improve sharpness of movements and coordination. You will be helped by the usual push-ups loading the breast and tricepses and also pullings up which develop the back and bicepses. It is enough to do of them in 4-5 approaches, gradually increasing the number of push-ups till 50-70 and pullings up – till 20-30. If you are more serious, visit gym few times in the week. It is possible to do the bench press, then pullings up by wide grip, exercises with the post and the press because of the head in the sitting position. All this becomes till 8-10 times in 5 approaches.

3. The training of muscles of hips is the fastest way of increase in the jump. You with it will be helped by squats with the post. It is better to do incomplete squats accidentally not to injure meniscuses. Warm up before the training. At first it is possible to make about ten usual squats, several bendings, to run about on the place. It is very important, especially in winter time. When you begin to squat with rather heavy post, get elastic rollers for the binding of knees and also the belt for the back. Squats become in 4-5 approaches till 10-12 times.

4. From hopping exercises it is possible to allocate jumps from the full squat ("frog"), jumps from situation one leg on the floor, the second – on the chair with alternate change of legs in the jump (step-apy), sprints (run to and fro on 30 meters in each direction).

5. It is possible to call calves "stubborn" muscles. As their weight is hard increased. But they are pretty fast restored, and therefore they can be trained up to 4-5 times a week. The best exercise with calves for increase in the jump are risings on toes (surely with weighting compounds). Options a little: on one or on both legs, from the eminence or just on the new floor.

6. And the explosive strength of calves can be developed any hopping exercises. Only these exercises need to be done on the mnoga. It is also useful to jump at first 100 times on one leg, then as much on another. It is serious loading.

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