How to increase the mass of muscles

How to increase the mass of muscles

If you want to increase muscle bulk, then it is optional to be engaged in special sports club, it is possible to do all necessary and in house conditions. All necessary is meant as the training of muscles and healthy nutrition.


1. For achievement of result you will need to eat rather often (not less than four times a day, the optimum number of meals is 5-6). To eat food less often, but in large amounts of sense isn't present. Include in the schedule, except the breakfast, the lunch and the dinner, several having a snack better (that is small meals). The interval between them has to make no more than two hours. The reason of so frequent food consists in the need of the organism for so-called construction material. Therefore to receive desirable result, try to forget about feeling of hunger (even easy).

2. The diet has to contain both proteins, and carbohydrates, and fats. However pay attention that proteins after all there has to be more. They serve for growth and updating of muscle tissue, especially after the trainings. On the established norms the day dose of proteins in the organism has to make about 1.5 g of substance on one kg of weight. Besides, you shouldn't forget about water. Surely consume it in enough as exactly it is the energy source and forces. Per day drink not less, than 10-12 glasses of liquid.

3. If you want to build up muscle bulk, don't forget about the dream at all, give it enough time. Pay attention that emission of hormones of growth reaches the peak during the deep sleep, but not usual rest. During the same period the inflow of blood to muscles increases and metabolic rate in the organism decreases. Such conditions are ideal for restoration of muscle tissue and its growth.

4. Also exercise stresses are not less important. However, be careful, raise them gradually, but not breakthroughs. Repeat the chosen exercises till 8-10 times (for a start there will be enough also 6-8). If you perform exercises with loadings, then select weight so that you could make about 8 repetitions (not less than 8, but no more than 12).

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team