How to increase the speed of legs

How to increase the speed of legs

High-speed run is based on three foundations: proper technique, powerful push, elastic muscles. Without proper technique you will make the set of excess movements which will slow down your run, the powerful push will allow you to make a start quickly and sharply, so, to make more steps for the same period, and elastic muscles are necessary to increase step width.

  • - high platform;
  • - low barrier;
  • - steady vertical support;
  • - running sneakers

1. Get up on the platform more than 30 cm high. Jump off on the earth, tightening legs to the breast, then, without lingering on the earth, one push jump out up as it is possible above. Help yourself, actively working hands. Return on the platform and repeat exercise.

2. Get up the right side to the low barrier (20-25 cm). It is possible to use the step platform. Slightly bend legs and the sharp push jump through the barrier so that it appeared to the left of you. At once, without being late, the jump return to the home position. If you have enough force, at the jump try to tighten knees to the breast. Carry out jumps through the barrier at each training after running exercises on the technique.

3. Passing of the distance jumps on one leg also belongs to the pliometrichesky exercises contributing to the development of power of the push. Try to be pushed as it is possible stronger that the jump was long, help yourself, actively working hands.

4. Include interval run in the training. Such trainings contribute to the development of special high-speed endurance. The essence of interval run consists in alternation of long acceleration with active holiday. The role of active holiday is played by jogging. Acceleration can last from 50 to 2000 meters, depending on your readiness.

5. For acceleration of run it isn't enough to fulfill only push power legs. Also increase in length of the step is obligatory. You don't seek to extend the step artificially, it will lead to the fact that you won't run, and to jump. Rather powerful push will automatically lead to lengthening of the flight phase. But your body has to be ready to it. The insufficient elasticity of muscles of the hip and shin is capable to prevent you to run quickly enough.

6. For the extension of the back surface of the hip lay down on the back. Raise the right leg up and throw with the towel foot. Tighten the hip to the body. Then, holding the ends of the towel hands, try to straighten the leg in the knee joint. Try to hold straight lines both legs.

7. Get up sideways to the steady support and undertake it the hand. The second hand undertake the ankle of the leg of the same name and you take away it back, stretching muscles of the front surface of the hip. You hold the straight line back. You take away the knee back, and tighten the heel as it is possible closer to buttocks.

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