How to keep the sports diary

How to keep the sports diary

The sports diary – the necessary tool for achievement of results in the chosen look, especially it concerns track and field athletics and body building. There is the certain scheme of maintaining the diary.

1. Bring to yourself the big notebook to the cage. It is the best of all if it is A4 format notebook. Though you can proceed from the situation. However the ruling in the cage will be convenient for record of numerical data.

2. Write the most important purpose which you want to achieve in the chosen sport on the first page. Let's say you are engaged in powerlifting and want to be entitled KMS. You need to designate accurately what weight in the triathlon sum you need to overcome that to receive it. If you want to become MS on track and field athletics, then write down for how many you need to run your profile distance.

3. Allocate several fields for making an abstract of training process. First, you need most of all place for detailed record of content of the training: the number of km in the cross-country, exercises, approaches, times, rest, etc. Secondly, select the column for record ChSS (heart rate) or pulse. Measure it after the training and you enter data in the diary.

4. Thirdly, leave a little place for notes. In them it is possible to bring characteristic of internal state during the day or during the training. Write about the health or about other thoughts which can come to your mindyour mind. All this is necessary for correction of sports process.

5. You bring all data on the diet. On the second page (or below) keep daily account of that food which you eat. Calculate by the formula the number of calories which you need to spend in day for the maximum return at the training: personal ves*24 chasa*1.4*1.5. So many kcal to you needs to be consumed in day. Also specify in this column and information on vitamins which you consume besides the main diet.

6. You sum up the results in the week and month. Write down total number of kilometers which you ran, or the sum in kg on apparatuses which you lifted. You make corrections for the fastest advance to the purpose. Give the diary on check to the mentor. Work together on improvement of your indicators at trainings.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team