How to learn judo

How to learn judo

"The way of flexibility", "Soft way" are names of popular Japanese single combat of Judo. Not just sport, and the whole philosophy based on the principles of mutual aid and understanding. The occupations which are bringing up not only the body, but also spirit, self-checking, observance of etiquette bring together the admirers worldwide.

It is required to you

  • Sportswear


1. Register in sports section. It is the very first and necessary step. The professional equipment and professional coaches will teach bases of bases and will check the professional growth of the athlete. Sports complexes, clubs and private schools are open for persons interested.

2. Acquire necessary equipment. It is sportswear - "dzyudog" which consists of the dzyudoistsky jacket (kimono), trousers (dzubon) and belts.

3. Start occupations. Consider that in any business it is necessary to put many forces, energy and time to achieve good results. Therefore, starting occupations, treat this sport seriously. For a start master the ukem equipment – ability to fall correctly. No matter, what invincible judoist you will become in the future, it is necessary to fall few times all the same. And that at the first falling not to curtail to itself something, it is necessary to be able to do it competently.

4. Learn the correct stance – "tit". It is the main. Legs are put shoulder width apart, knees and shoulders are relaxed, body weight is transferred to the front part of feet. There is one more stance – protective. Widely place legs, bend them in knees, and incline the trunk forward.

5. Move correctly, softly moving feet. Carry out the correct captures - "kumikat". In total in judo there are three techniques: the technique of divings (nage-vadz), technology of forging (katame-vadz) and technology of striking blows in vulnerable points of the body (atemi-vadz). The technique is the basis of judo. Not at most, namely from the correct knowledge of the equipment, the victory in fight depends.

6. Learn the main terms. Most likely, the coach, will apply them on occupation. And that the word told them wasn't the empty phrase, it is necessary to know what it means. For example, the referee says "дзикан" when he wants to stop the meeting, and the word "hikinvake" is meant by "draw". Good luck and sports records!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team