How to learn not to breathe long under water

How to learn not to breathe long under water

Summer trips to the sea always bring a lot of pleasure, especially diving with the mask and examining of sea depths. Each diver dreams to learn to hold the breath for the longest time. For this purpose it is necessary to train constantly, and then air will last for a long time that will give the chance to fall almost to the bottom.

It is required to you

  • Constant training


1. The beginning diver should learning to breathe through the mouth. Breath shouldn't be frequent, and on the contrary, deep and quiet. Before immersion under water in lungs it is necessary to gain the maximum quantity of air and to relax completely. It is necessary to breathe the stomach, to exhale air completely, without leaving it in lungs and to gather fresh with the following breath. After each breath and the exhalation it is necessary to make the pause. It is necessary to detain air due to expansion of the thorax, many people make the mistake, blocking the air outlet tightening of the throat.

2. Besides, it is permanent it isn't obligatory to train under water, breathing exercises can successfully be carried out, lying in the bed, at home.

3. To increase stay time under water it is necessary to try not to spend the energy. For this purpose you shouldn't use the efforts for diving and not to do excess movements, and just to hold some ledge hands. In the pool the role of the ledge can to play stairs.

4. Every time during the delay time of breath it should be notedit should be noted time, using the stop watch to monitor process and it is desirable to get the notebook for record of results. At breath holding air doesn't need to be held in the mouth.

5. Daily practice will longer help to hold the breath, through some time of people becomes quieter and balanced. Though after carrying out 3-5 minutes under water any person will begin to worry therefore the emotions it is necessary to calm to reduce heartbeat and consumption by the oxygen organism. Quicker pleasant memories will help to calm down, it is better to close, forget eyes about where you are at present and to present that now the holiday, around close people with whom to have a good time.

6. In cool water long not to breathe much more simply as heartbeat decreases, and blood pressure increases.

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