How to learn parkour in house conditions

How to learn parkour in house conditions

If you decided to do parkour, but there is no time and the opportunity to attend special courses, then it is possible to solve this problem differently, being engaged in special exercises of the house or in the yard. In this article we will talk about the special set of exercises which will help you to seize necessary skills become occupation popular recently.


1. If you in the yard of the house have horizontal bars of various height and width – is excellent. If isn't present, build several horizontal bars of various sizes in the form of the short flight of stairs. Arrange them at the certain distance from each other, so that you could get them at distance of outstretched arms.

2. Begin the exercises with simple pullings up and twistings through the horizontal bar. Then complicate the exercises. Try to jump from the horizontal bar on the horizontal bar, clinging to them hands.

3. Houses daily in the morningor in the eveningdo to push-ups from the floor and try to linger on the hands extended from the floor. Thus you train muscles of hands and legs. Do the handstand, leaning legs against the wall, and then without support of legs. Do the headstand to train the vestibular mechanism. Be wrung out, holding legs on the bed so that they were higher than the level of the body.

4. Swing the press and build muscles to be in peak form for performance of difficult elements. Do twisting and turns of the body in different directions for development of balance. Train high jumps and especially in length. Jump out of the stance directly, using only calves of legs, watching landing not on heels. Jump, making turns around own axis by 180 and 360 degrees.

5. Daily be engaged in run to train breath. Develop sense of equilibrium. Find some old board or the bar (even the book will approach) get up on adaptation and keep balance.

6. Complicate exercise. Stand alternately on one, on other leg. Then carry out jumps from this position. At the certain distance establish the second same bar and jump on it from on what you stand.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team