How to learn rope jumping

How to learn rope jumping

Some represent jumps on a jump rope as exclusively children's entertainment, not all know about that benefit which is brought to an organism of adults of occupation with this apparatus. In our article we will tell about how it is correct to train, using a jump rope to lose weight and take sportswear.

Historical information

The term skipping or rope-skiping has the English origin and means the exercise which is carried out by means of jumps through a jump rope.

Where exactly there was the first jump rope, it is unknown. According to one version, it was thought up in Ancient China, it agrees another – applied in pagan Russia to the best training of soldiers for battles.

Whether you know? The big contribution to promoting of a jump rope was made by the boxer Muhammad Ali. During the demonstration performances he jumped 3 rounds 15 minutes (with a minute break between them) with a speed of 220 jumps a minute.

There are adherents of a statement that it was initially used by the ancient Christians jumping on a jump rope for Easter (she was a symbol of a rope on which Judas hung himself).

However it is for certain known that the shell was used at the Italian and French schools of fencing, and in the 19th century in London this apparatus was actively used by boxers and jockeys. With its help drove excess weight and pumped up muscles of legs. The prygalka came to America in the 17th century together with natives of Holland.

In the countries of the former USSR in the 50th years of the 20th century the jump rope was a widespread children's entertainment, it was used for trainings and at physical education classes. The popularity to a skipping in Europe and the USA came in the 80th years of the XX century when became fashionable to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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Since this period the skipping becomes recognized sport, though does not enter the Olympic program.

Still this apparatus is used by trainers for training of boxers and football players, trying to obtain with its help of endurance and good physical shape of wards.

Advantage of a jump rope for an organism

It is difficult to overestimate positive influence of a skipping for a human body. Such occupations strengthen muscles, stimulate a cardiac muscle, develop endurance, promote strengthening of a respiratory system.

Jumps positively affect ankle joints and joints of wrists as they are actively involved in this process. The skipping also reduces amount of S-reactive protein, it helps to strengthen immunity. Occupations with a prygalka also normalize the blood pressure and structure of trigletsid which supply cages with energy.

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Regular trainings contribute to normalization of level of cholesterol, regulate structure of sugar in blood and reduce amount of toxins and slags.

On a jump rope it is possible to lose weight and gather in a stomach

The main positive effect from a prygalka for those who want to lose excess weight – combustion of fat. The skipping accelerates exchange processes of an organism that helps to lose weight.

With its help it is possible to gather in a stomach and it is essential to reduce the volume of hips and legs. Still similar occupations allow to cope with such women's issue as cellulitis.

It is important! To achieve desirable results quicker, exercises on a jump rope can be carried out several times a day.

At intensive jumps for a small period of time in an organism there is a shortage of oxygen which is restored in the course of fast work of lungs during rest. When the person deeply breathes, his blood is saturated with oxygen and activates metabolic processes in an organism.

The metabolism amplifies, slags and toxins are removed from an organism. Energy which turns out an organism when splitting fat deposits on hips and a stomach is for this purpose necessary. The skipping is considered ideal option for house occupations. Jumps within 15 minutes burn about 150 kcal.

For comparison: the same time spent for dances yoga or fitness allows to burn 100 kcal. It will be possible to lose weight as soon as possible if to combine a skipping, rotations of a hoop and healthy nutrition.

People who seek to lose weight need to include in the diet: germinated wheat, muesli, bran, llyany porridge, rice, ginger, small loafs, cauliflower, olive oil, tomato juice.

How to choose a jump rope: the correct length on growth

For the maximum advantage of occupations it is important to choose a suitable prygalka. Too long will prevent to control movements, and on short it is necessary to jump with preload of legs.

Its length is defined as follows: it is necessary to become on the middle of a cord. In correctly picked up prygalka of the handle will be length to armpits.

In figures prygalka length in relation to growth has to look as follows

Growth, cm

Length of a jump rope, cm

To 152






Over 183


Whether you know? American Ashrita Fuhrman set a record by quantity of jumps on a jump rope. In 24 hours (the truth, with five-minute breaks each hour) he made 130 thousand jumps.

How many to jump on a jump rope

If you resolved to be engaged in a skipping, then for a start in the first few days hold trainings without jump rope, carrying out jumps on the place.

They need to be done, coming off a floor on several centimeters and landing on socks. It will help a body to be prepared for future loadings.

During the first week duration of trainings has to be 5-10 minutes, on the second week – 10-15 minutes, for the third-15-20 minutes, from fourth week of occupation with a prygalka it is possible to carry out for 30 minutes. That fat deposits disappeared, and the body became elastic and tightened it is necessary to train not less than 3-4 times a week 30 minutes.

The physical activity of the person is very important function of an organism. Main types of physical activity is: swimming, the Scandinavian walking with sticks, a kallanetika, crossfit, dances (a zumba, Mandala, kontemporari-dens), various directions of yoga, stretching, run on short or long distances.

Contraindications and possible harm

The skipping is recommended by many doctors and fitness instructors, however you should not forget about specific features of each person not to do such occupations to an organism harm instead of the expected advantage.

Among temporary contraindications it is possible to carry to these trainings:

  • pregnancy and period after the delivery;
  • migraines, stretchings, pain syndrome.

Much more serious reasons at which classes a skipping are not recommended to be given categorically:

  • diseases of vessels and heart;
  • hypertension and differences of arterial blood pressure;
  • diseases of the musculoskeletal device;
  • obesity of the second degree above;
  • varicosity;
  • problems with eyes.

We advise you to read about combination of vitamins among themselves for what polyvitaminic complexes and also about vitamins for improvement of sight, heart and vessels and also for joints and ligaments are necessary.

In the presence of such diseases prior to the trainings it is necessary to consult surely with doctors and to be engaged, being only guided by their councils, or to replace a skipping with another, not constituting danger to a loading organism.

Exercises with a jump rope

Exercises happen to a jump rope such types:

  1. Single jumps. Are made on both legs, with bouncings when the cord is near a foot. One jump becomes at one turn of a prygalka.
  2. Double jumps. At one turn of a jump rope it is necessary to jump up twice.
  3. Jumps in the parties. At first to the left-to the right, then back and forth.
  4. Jumps with change of legs. Are carried out at fast speed serially on each leg.
  5. High-speed jumps. This exercise is done at fast speed with high raising of knees.
  6. Jumps with the return movement of a jump rope. Prygalka turns not forward, and back.
  7. Cross jumps. Hands are crossed and jump through the turned-out loop.
  8. Jumps with turn round its pivot-center. Are carried out on both legs with gradual turn of the case clockwise.
  9. Inclinations. The cord is displaced several times and held for edges. Regular performance of this exercise removes excess centimeters on waists and folds of fat on sides and a back.
  10. Turns. Holding the curtailed prygalka for the ends, hands extend before themselves. Do turns of the case serially to the right-to the left. Such exercise promotes reduction of volume of a stomach.

Video: types of exercises on a jump rope

Important! It is necessary to hold trainings with a jump rope not less than through an hour and a half after meal.

Complex with a jump rope

It is effective the set of exercises calculated for 30 minutes of occupation will help to lose weight. In a break between exercises it is necessary to take a minute break for breath restoration.

Minutes of occupation

Exercise (jumps)




With change of legs




With change of legs


In the parties


With the return movement of a jump rope


Single with turn round its pivot-center




Single with alternation fast slow rates

If the amount of time which you are ready to spend in day for trainings is 15 minutes, then time of each exercise is reduced twice. The jump rope proved as the universal exercise machine for adults and children. Knowing about its advantage and correctly using at a training, it is possible to achieve remarkable results in the form of the harmonious and tightened body and a healthy organism.

Responses of users of network

If you have an excess weight - that without fanaticism. Load of knees - can badly terminate. Well and aerobic loading the strongest - you watch pulse. I advise to begin without jump rope, just do by hands of the movement as if you hold it.


Each training I begin warm-up with a jump rope, in 1 minute about 300 times I manage to make)) for 2 years so destroyed a jump rope, even whistles so far I prigat Knees do not hurt as I do not search 15 minutes, 3-5 minutes are enough for me and all)) learned to jump usually So far and cross)) I want more a back run


Quite often in the gym I begin occupations with jumps with a jump rope - 100 times at least, and right at the end to a training too time 100, then I hang on a horizontal bar, for a backbone extension, nothing ever hurt though knees at me crackle since the childhood so I think, loadings should be selected individually, according to health, but not to recommend jumps to all as bad means for weight loss.)


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