How to learn skating

How to learn skating

At short notice to learn to go by roller skates, it is necessary to choose competently them for itself in specialized shop. Otherwise, there will be falling and injuries. Make sure thatMake sure that they fit on both legs well. As soon as you took this step, start practical trainings.


1. Elect for yourself the assistant. At the beginning he will be simply necessary for you as all of you still will uncomfortablly feel on rollers. However don't allow the excessive help, for example: pushing in the back, driving under the hand or enclasping for shoulders. You have to learn to keep balance. Just you ask to be nearby and in case of balance loss, grab hand.

2. Learn to start skating. Put on rollers, tighten bindings and accurately rise. Make sure thatMake sure that your legs aren't pressed. Incline the case a little forward, otherwise it is possible to fall with ease on the back if skates go. Try to balance or you ask the friend to support you.

3. Strain both legs and put them to each other. Prostoyte in this situation during small time to get used to the new state. If you felt discomfort in boots, sit down also to their pereshnuruyta. Put on also protective knee pads, elbow pads and the helmet.

4. Train to driving on rollers. First of all, consider that it isn't necessary to be pushed with the front wheel to move from the first position. Bend a few knees, incline the case forward, put legs nearby, having turned out a little outside one of botinok. Make a start standing behind the leg and all. Now you went.

5. Put the take-off foot to the first. Change position of legs. Be pushed not strictly in a straight line, and it is a little to the right and to the left, constantly putting the leg which you make a start. Don't try to go too quickly and to be pushed strongly with legs. Disperse gradually, and soon you will move only by inertia. You hold one hand behind the back, another help the movement.

6. You learn to make turns on roller skates. Begin to turn always beforehand. You hold your legs approximately shoulder width apart. Push a little forward that leg in which direction you want to turn (for example, to the left). Sit down slightly and incline the case to the left, making a start the right leg from asphalt.

7. Expose the left leg forward so that her heel was ahead of the sock of the right leg. Increase pressure of the left leg on the verge of wheels of rollers. Everything, you turned, as well as wanted. Be leveled and go further on the road.

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