How to learn skiing

How to learn skiing

Every day more and more popular is such spectacular and breathtaking view of sport as alpine skis. But if usual, running, enter the course of school lessons of physical training and many people living in the midland of our country since the childhood are able to ride them, then here alpine skis will need to study. Now, both adults, and at children have several ways to master alpine skis.

1. Gradually from the category of elite sport the alpine skis turn into mass hobby. Artificial tracks are under construction and are created new on picturesque slopes near the large cities. Dombai and Krasnaya Polyana are ready to receive athletes from November to April. Is where to find snow and to study, there would be desire.

2. While you study, there is no sense to buy expensive equipment. You will be able always to take both skis, and alpine boots in the hire. The set of rental centers with pleasure will offer you equipment, and their personnel will help to pick up correctly alpine skiing equipment taking into account your weight and the size.

3. Alpine skis – sport extreme and injury-causing. In many respects safety of your driving of envy from the technique therefore you need to refuse at once intention to learn to ride most. Before the first trainings watch previously one-two videocourses where the skilled master will give to you the first advice and will explain the principles and ways of descents on ski slopes. To understand elements, prior to the trainings, study the special literature devoted to this question it it is possible to find in the Internet.

4. Supporting the theory in practice, ask the skilled friends to check whether correctly you learned the lesson. Let they will also make to you several valuable practical recommendations.

5. But the best way to learn downhill skiing is to work with the experienced professional instructor. It, of course, costs expensively, but you shouldn't employ the instructor for all day. Be engaged with it on two-three hours, and devote the rest of day to fixing of the received lesson. The instructor is responsible for your safety, and you risk to be traumatized or stretch sheaves less, than studying independently. For the good instructor it is possible to put for several occupations on skis of such diligent pupil as you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team