How to learn stretches out

How to learn stretches out

The ability to stretch out has big effect. But except attractiveness this ability shows that you have the high flexibility, your muscles and sheaves have good elasticity, and joints are mobile. And these remarkable qualities will help you to reduce risk of getting injured during accidental falling. Well and at last, being able to stretch out, you with ease will seize many difficult dancing pases.


1. Perform all stretching exercises only after good warm-up. It is necessary to warm muscles and sheaves, to make them more elastic. For the warming up it is possible to make small jog, to jump on the jump rope or just to execute any simple sports complex.

2. Get up directly, the right hand at the level of the shoulder undertake the steady support, for example, for the door jamb. Carry out swings the straight left leg, trying to raise the leg as it is possible above, don't cave in in the waist and don't hang the head. Having executed 10-12 swings, turn to the support other side and execute swings the right leg.

3. Get up the right side to the steady chair. Fall to low lunge. The right leg - ahead, bent in the knee. Try that the knee didn't come for the line of toes. Left leg behind straight line. Slightly springing, fall to the squat, removing the sock of the left leg is farther and farther. Muscles of the front surface of the left hip have to stretch. Help themselves to keep balance, adhering to the right hand for the chair seat. Don't bend the back and don't bend forward. When tension becomes maximum, be late for 20-30 seconds and smoothly rise. Then execute the extension for the right leg.

4. Lay down on the back on the gymnastic rug. Tighten the knee of the left leg to the breast and undertake the ankle. Holding the leg hands, try to straighten it completely. The straight right leg lies on the rug, don't bend it in the knee. In the stage of the maximum tension be late for 20-30 seconds, then make the extension for other leg. When you easily straighten the leg, begin to tighten it as it is possible closer to the head. The back surface of the hip has to stretch.

5. After performance of these exercises carry out attempt to sit down on longitudinal split, fall as low as possible, help themselves to keep balance, resting hands against the floor. In the lowermost point be late for 20-30 seconds, springing a little. Rise from this situation very accurately and smoothly.

6. Get up the left side at arm's length to any steady horizontal support. Put on it the straight left leg. Slowly bend and try to reach hands fingers of the right foot. Try to lower as low as possible all case and to attract it to the knee of the pivot foot. Feel tension of muscle and the linking of the internal surface of the hip. Be late in the lower point. Then become straight and slowly bend the right leg in the knee. Sit down so low as soon as you are able. You hold the back the straight line. Replace the leg and again execute bending and squat. It is good to perform this exercise on the Swedish wall, gradually increasing instep height.

7. Sit down on the floor. Widely move apart straight legs. Lower the case, as low as possible, and last hands forward. Gradually increase distance between socks of legs, and lower the case below and below, trying to touch by the floor breast. In the lowest point be late.

8. Get up directly, place legs as it is possible more widely. To keep balance, put before yourself the chair or the stool and adhere for it hands. Gradually you part straight legs in the parties, lowering the basin as low as possible. You hold the case to straight lines.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team