How to learn Thai boxing

How to learn Thai boxing

The Thai boxing (muay melt) became widespread in Russia. This national martial art of Thailand. In this single combat it is possible to strike blows not only fists, shins and stupnyam, but also both knees, and elbows. Sometimes muay melt call ""fight of eight extremities"". As well as in any other sport, in Thai boxing there is the code of honor. Enters the set of rules such concepts as respect at the opponent, insults and humiliations are forbidden. There are a lot more interesting facts about single combat of Thailand. The main feature of the technique in boxing is the investment of all case in any kick, whether it be the knee strike or the fist.


1. The Thai boxing is one of the most cruel types of single combats. Often it is called ""weapon which is always with you"". His technician of infighting it is very simple and very effective. The main principle muay melt the fact that ""the elbow wins against the fist is, and the knee wins against the leg"". Therefore the distinctive feature is crushing blows by these parts of the body. The Thai boxers are famous for ability to strike multiple blows to the opponent with legs and hands. Thanks to the idea - to win by all means - the Thai boxing perfectly is suitable for self-defense.

2. Training process of boxing is very different. It and exercises for improvement of physical qualities, and crown receptions, exercises for increase in speed of the attack and working off of various techniques. The important point, as well as in any single combat, is breath control. In Thai boxing the accent is put on the good exhalation, but not on the breath. And try to make kick on the breath! At you nothing will leave. The correct breath - pledge not only successful practice of martial arts, but also excellent health. Remember, don't hold the breath when performing the technique. The good shout to you will help to control itself and will prompt that you well breathe. Tactics and the technique, in particular the clinch (prumb), muay melt strongly differs from traditional boxing. Its purpose not the defense, but attempt of removal of the opponent from balance.

3. Kick by the elbow incomparably is considered one of the most dangerous. In the technique muay melt special attention is paid to this technology of kicks. In time the struck blow can finish the match in any round.

4. In Thai boxing the opponents treat to each other both on the ring, and beyond its limits very with respect. But instead of insults, in the match other tricks are used. So-called ""dirty"" techniques which aren't forbidden by rules. Among them there is the kick by leg foot in the face or on the head. Such kick is considered the spittle and can lead not only to the knockout, but also cause strong insult. Of course, houses or alone it is very difficult to learn Thai boxing (and to other single combat). This view of the box became nearly the most popular for the last decades, the set of clubs was open. Also remember to learn to fight - it is necessary to fight. And it is the safest to study on the ring and under the supervision of the coach.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team